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Nitpicking at code reviews is bad for everyone
Instead, nitpick about this article
Developer News ShiftMag 21 Feb 2024 1,815
Developer News The Verge 21 Feb 2024 1,187
Developer News Tom's Hardware 21 Feb 2024 2,565
A little hope ;) 'Air Canada Has to Honor a Refund Policy Its Chatbot Made Up'
The AI doesn't know how many stop signs are in the picture, or how many discounts are available
Hot Threads CodeProject 21 Feb 2024 1,706
Need free VS tool which generates code documentation for me!
"The job's not finished until the paperwork is done"
Hot Threads CodeProject 21 Feb 2024 1,414
New app always points to the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy
"And the superstars sucked into the supermassive..."
Science And Technology Ars Technica 21 Feb 2024 1,570
Science And Technology Neowin 21 Feb 2024 1,828
Industry News Neowin 20 Feb 2024 1,659
Industry News Windows Latest 20 Feb 2024 3,882
Industry News Ars Technica 20 Feb 2024 1,552
Developer News IT Pro Today 20 Feb 2024 1,748
The namingless programming language
There are no words...
Developer News Oleksandr Kaleniuk 20 Feb 2024 2,923
Agile is a tainted term
Agile's not dead; it just deserves to die. When it becomes another stale cartoon.
Developer News PC Load Letter 20 Feb 2024 2,219
Hot Threads CodeProject 20 Feb 2024 1,820
Introducing ASP.NET Core metrics and Grafana dashboards in .NET 8
.NET 8 adds over a dozen useful metrics to ASP.NET Core
Tips and Tools .NET 20 Feb 2024 635
How To Center a Div
I decided to create this tutorial to help you understand the trade-offs between different approaches, and to give you an arsenal of strategies you can use, to handle centering in all sorts of scenarios.
Tips and Tools Josh W Comeau 20 Feb 2024 355
How to Streamline Lead Generation with Your Website
Wish you didn’t have to chase new business? Or waste time on prospects who aren’t a good fit?
Tips and Tools Telerik 20 Feb 2024 105
JavaScript and TypeScript Trends 2024: Insights From the Developer Ecosystem Survey
For the last seven years, we at JetBrains have been running our Developer Ecosystem Survey in an effort to map out the changing developer landscape and the major technologies used.
Tips and Tools JetBrains Webstorm 20 Feb 2024 125
Introducing Learn Testing
The new course will teach you everything you need to know about testing web applications, with focus on test automation. You will learn about the various test types, testing environments, what is actually worth testing, up to writing your own component tests.
Tips and Tools 20 Feb 2024 123
Using a CSP nonce in Blazor Web
Using a CSP nonce is a great way to protect web applications against XSS attacks and other such Javascript vulnerabilities.
Tips and Tools Damien Bod 20 Feb 2024 158
htmz is a minimalist HTML microframework that gives you the power to create modular web user interfaces with the familiar simplicity of plain HTML.
Tips and Tools htmz 20 Feb 2024 337
Satire DevOps 20 Feb 2024 1,097
Science And Technology The Register 20 Feb 2024 1,376
Science And Technology Scientific American 20 Feb 2024 3,170

Page 2 of 2,656