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Judge blocks new Vonage sign-ups
Maybe I can get that jingle out of my head soon.
Industry News VNUnet 10 Apr 2007 1,759
Researchers demonstrate 'nano generators'
Own your own micro-power plant. Coming "soon"
Developer News Extreme Tech 10 Apr 2007 2,533
Key to a good memory: Forget a few things
I must have a great memory.
Developer News LiveScience 10 Apr 2007 3,571
Job title? Vote please
"What do you do? What do you do?"
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Apr 2007 94
Online bug tracking
In search of something bug-free to hold your bugs.
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Apr 2007 141
News for Monday, April 9 2007
News for Monday, April 9 2007
Site News CodeProject 9 Apr 2007 78
Yahoo prepares to take on Google with new search interface
Yahoo hopes aggregating searches will defeat "The Google"
Industry News Ars Technica 9 Apr 2007 2,593
Microsoft gains tech computing toehold
Compute Cluster Server aims to share the wealth.
Industry News 9 Apr 2007 1,009
VeriSign raises the rent on .com, .net domains
Extra fees may trickle down to domain name brokers.
Industry News TechNews World 9 Apr 2007 1,225
Microsoft patching five flaws, two critical
Tomorrow's Patch Tuesday, don't forget to collect your prize.
Industry News InfoWorld 9 Apr 2007 1,787
O'Reilly School of Technology
Get your diploma from the Beastie Books. O RLY? YA RLY.
Developer News O'Reilly 9 Apr 2007 1,707
Charles in Space
Follow the exploits of ex-Microsoftie Charles Simonyi as he spends a few of his millions.
Developer News Elsewhere 9 Apr 2007 1,111
Scots scientists unveil 'spray-on' computer
I don't think they're Vista ready.
Developer News Elsewhere 9 Apr 2007 3,182
The top 500 fonts on the Web
500 free fonts; because you know you want to use Old English for your next dialog.
Developer News Life Hacker 9 Apr 2007 3,672
Looking for advice: project management / delegation...
What's the best way to herd cats?
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Apr 2007 65
ASP business model
Snakes on a business?
Hot Threads The Code Project 9 Apr 2007 221
News for Friday, April 6 2007
News for Friday, April 6 2007
Site News CodeProject 6 Apr 2007 76
Microsoft ships final Longhorn preview
Final Beta 2 preview, that is -- release still expected for later this year.
Industry News Network World 6 Apr 2007 2,842
New class of attack targets embedded devices
Beware your toaster! It might be hacked.
Industry News InfoWorld 6 Apr 2007 1,498
Google founders, CEO took $1 salaries in 2006
Poor guys, maybe we should start a collection to help them out?
Industry News ComputerWorld 6 Apr 2007 2,684
Industry News Information Week 6 Apr 2007 1,161
The man who would change Microsoft: Ray Ozzie's vision for connected software
More thoughts on improving Microsoft from the guy who gave the world Notes.
Developer News Elsewhere 6 Apr 2007 1,712
Just Released! Enterprise Library 3.0 - April 2007
Now with even more Blocks and Factories!
Developer News MSDN Blogs 6 Apr 2007 2,235
Microsoft releases API and development docs for Windows Home Server
This is your home, this is your code running on your home. Any questions?
Developer News Ars Technica 6 Apr 2007 1,896

Page 2537 of 2,679