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Google sued over "sandboxing"
What would you do if your web site was "sandboxed" by Google?
Industry News Arstechnica 3 Jul 2006 3,233
Shuttle's Foam Crack Could Delay Launch
NASA inspectors have found a small crack in the foam insulation of the space shuttle Discovery's external fuel tank, prompting mission managers to discuss whether to press ahead with Tuesday's third launch attempt or stand down for repairs.
Developer News 3 Jul 2006 226
Has anyone switched to Team System? Will you?
It's expensive, and sometimes difficult to install, but is it the new standard?
Hot Threads The Code Project 3 Jul 2006 121
The Role of Patents?
Is it worth patenting an idea, even if there are plenty of similar patents out there?
Hot Threads The Code Project 3 Jul 2006 199
Microsoft faces class-action suit over WGA tool
It was intended to stop pirates. Instead, it's attracting lawyers.
Industry News ComputerWorld 3 Jul 2006 1,515
Microsoft Shuts Off Vista Beta 2
If you haven't downloaded Beta 2 yet, it may be too late, as Microsoft has turned off the free download.
Industry News TechWeb 3 Jul 2006 1,037
Why Linux Has Failed Beginners
Why do beginners still avoid Linux?
Industry News OSWeekly 3 Jul 2006 3,248
Microsoft readies Team Foundation Server service pack
Internet access for Team Foundation Server and assorted perf fixes are on the way.
Developer News InfoWorld 3 Jul 2006 338
10 Ways to Tweak Your Tech Resume
Use the right keywords and more great ideas to help you get the next job.
Developer News eWeek 3 Jul 2006 2,008
Microsoft releases final IE 7 beta
No new rendering changes, but a few tweaks this time.
Developer News Ars Technica 3 Jul 2006 924
Drivers on cellphones are like drunk drivers
The Mumbai Police had it right all the time – talking on the cell phone, even with a hands-free device, is dangerous. In fact, a new University of Utah’s department of psychology study suggests it could as perilous as drunken driving.
Industry News DNA World 30 Jun 2006 403
Using P/Invoke to Call Unmanaged APIs from Your Managed Classes
Learn how to use P/Invoke to call unmanaged Win32 APIs from managed code. These sample applications show how to mute sounds, change Windows resolution, and display balloon tips from your managed code.
Developer News Microsoft 30 Jun 2006 848
Office 2007 Slips; Will Vista Be Next?
Microsoft officials acknowledged on June 29 that the company will not meet the October 2006 business-availability target to which it committed in March of 2006.
Industry News eWeek 30 Jun 2006 534
AJAX-Powered MarketingPilot Web Server 3 Agency Editions Available
MarketingPilot Software has announced the availability of the MarketingPilot Web Server Release 3 Agency Editions, an integrated marketing and agency management software suites.
Industry News Sys-Con 30 Jun 2006 320
vector math/cross product
How good is are your math skills?
Hot Threads The CodeProject 30 Jun 2006 107
Independence Day!
How do you celebrate?
Hot Threads The CodeProject 30 Jun 2006 162
Microsoft denies WGA kill switch in Windows XP
Company says it plans to tighten honor system for corporate volume licenses
Industry News ComputerWorld 30 Jun 2006 1,230
Scoble, the Exit Interview
The myth, the man, the legend...
Developer News Wired 30 Jun 2006 742
Google Nabs Another MS Employee
Another one bites the dust...or not.
Developer News Beta News 30 Jun 2006 1,222
Last chance to jump on board Vista Beta 2
Get yours while the getting is good.
Developer News ars technica 30 Jun 2006 879
Lawsuit calls Microsoft's anti-piracy tool spyware
A computer user is suing Microsoft Corp. over the company's Windows Genuine Advantage anti-piracy tool, alleging that it violates laws against spyware. Does anyone else think this is a waste of time?
Industry News Seattle PI 29 Jun 2006 1,118
Google's Checkout Payments System Due Thursday
Ending more than a year of speculation and rumors, Google plans to release on Thursday its much-awaited online payments system, likely surprising many because its reach will extend farther than previously thought.
Developer News CIO 29 Jun 2006 602
Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.7
Assorted fixes and patches for those who think different.
Industry News ComputerWorld 29 Jun 2006 294
Microsoft ponders Windows successor
Not Vista, but rather, what will replace Windows the way it replaced DOS?
Industry News InfoWorld 29 Jun 2006 1,733

Page 2540 of 2,591