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Book recomendation!
Charles Petzold's love letter to the compiler.
Hot Threads The Code Project 29 Jan 2007 163
iMac flexes its Vista muscle
Microsoft demos Vista on a Mac. Does that count as cross platform?
Industry News Gizmodo 29 Jan 2007 2,305
Some companies hesitate to outsource
There are some things companies won't trust with outsiders.
Industry News eWeek 29 Jan 2007 1,714
Awaiting the day when everyone writes software
Can "intentional programming" meet its intentions?
Developer News NY Times 29 Jan 2007 1,856
Industry News InfoWorld 29 Jan 2007 3,176
Xceed DataGrid for WPF
Free, but full, control for those who want to make their data pretty.
Developer News XCeed 29 Jan 2007 2,428
News for Friday, January 26 2007
News for Friday, January 26 2007
Site News CodeProject 26 Jan 2007 111
Vint Cerf: one quarter of all computers part of a botnet
Look to your right, look to your left, look around. If those computers aren't compromised, yours may be.
Industry News Ars Technica 26 Jan 2007 1,494
Digital photography "Information at your fingertips"
New tool makes photo metadata more visible.
Industry News Microsoft 26 Jan 2007 2,095
Microsoft reports record revenue
And that is before Vista hits the stores.
Industry News Microsoft 26 Jan 2007 1,315
Industry News CIO Insight 26 Jan 2007 2,096
Pathology: voice of doom
Boy's voice kills over 400 chickens
Developer News Improbable Research 26 Jan 2007 3,324
Developers seeing SPOTs
Sun wants developers to get small.
Developer News eWeek 26 Jan 2007 1,397
Bill Gates slated for 'Daily Show' appearance
Will Jon Stewart hit him up for computer advice?
Developer News Seattle PI 26 Jan 2007 1,722
Introducing "Testing on the Toilet"
Google's testers want to wipe out bugs.
Developer News Google 26 Jan 2007 2,535
Firebug 1.0 Released
Use Firefox? You need this.
Hot Threads The Code Project 26 Jan 2007 131
News for Thursday, January 25 2007
News for Thursday, January 25 2007
Site News CodeProject 25 Jan 2007 185
Microsoft holds botnet summit
Hopefully it's to defeat them, not to help creators.
Industry News TechWorld 25 Jan 2007 696
Google accidentally exposes user data
Phishing support included confidential data.
Industry News TechNewsWorld 25 Jan 2007 1,946
Users bash new Google Groups
One thing's fixed, another falls apart...
Industry News Information Week 25 Jan 2007 1,289
Microsoft extends Windows XP support to 2014
Support lasts until people might be ready for a Vista upgrade.
Industry News Information Week 25 Jan 2007 1,074
The ActionScript Open Source Libraries
Adobe releases ActionScript libraries for one and all.
Developer News Google 25 Jan 2007 790
Developer News Computer World 25 Jan 2007 1,286
The Code Project Vista Gadgets competition
Write a gadget, win $2,000 in prizes. What could be easier?
Developer News The Code Project 25 Jan 2007 523

Page 2542 of 2,660