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Gadgets for the Lazy
Lazy is not the right word here...these cool gadgets are for those who are time efficient. :-)
Developer News Wired 27 Apr 2006 1,766
Yahoo software turns PC into a digital video recorder
Yahoo Inc. has released in beta software that can turn a PC into a digital video recorder capable of playing and recording video found through Yahoo search.
Industry News TechWeb 27 Apr 2006 758
The downside of certification
Skills trump certification according to a new study, but what about skills+certification?
Industry News eWeek 27 Apr 2006 1,315
Seagate ships 750GB hard drive
Three quarters of a Terabyte in a 3.5 inch drive bay.
Industry News ComputerWorld 27 Apr 2006 1,479
Oracle Database Vault locks down DBAs
New software from Oracle can be used to prevent DBAs from accessing your data.
Developer News InfoWorld 27 Apr 2006 396
Google releases 3D modeling software (Beta)
Sketchup now available for free download for your 3D modeling needs. A commercial version is also available for purchase.
Developer News Google 27 Apr 2006 1,900
.NET or VC++?
As with many choices, it depends.
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 Apr 2006 193
Linux on the desktop
Why aren't we all using Linux?
Hot Threads The Code Project 27 Apr 2006 161
News for Wednesday, April 26 2006
News for Wednesday, April 26 2006
Site News CodeProject 26 Apr 2006 155
Macs now shipping with Windows XP preinstalled
I never thought I would see the day.
Industry News Ars Technica 26 Apr 2006 1,336
Skype's Music Overture
A plan to sell ringtones may be a low-risk ploy to whet users' appetites for a raft of more lucrative VoIP-based entertainment services
Industry News BusinessWeek 26 Apr 2006 196
Microsoft spins out a Wallop
Microsoft is heading out into the "Social Networking" market in a strange way -- by spinning off a new company, Wallop.
Industry News Microsoft 26 Apr 2006 602
Firefox backers aim to "Destroy IE" with campaign
The group is taking advantage of the Google $1 reward for Firefox referrals to get people to move off of Internet Explorer.
Industry News InfoWorld 26 Apr 2006 1,193
Is there a WebOS in your future?
Browser as X Terminal: good idea or three steps back?
Developer News Ars Technica 26 Apr 2006 669
Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 available
Now with phone support, so you know it's good.
Developer News Microsoft 26 Apr 2006 628
What's one science question every high school graduate should be able to answer?
No peaking at your neighbour's work, use a #2 pencil, and fill in the circles completely.
Developer News Star Tribune 26 Apr 2006 994
Object-oriented thinking
What's a good way to get your head around objects? (Wait, isn't your head an object?)
Hot Threads The Code Project 26 Apr 2006 213
Should I go or should I not?
Job opportunities in foreign countries are a difficult decision.
Hot Threads The Code Project 26 Apr 2006 150
Monkey Bites
Check out this great analysis and debugging tool created by Karl von Randow.
Developer News Wired 26 Apr 2006 756
News for Tuesday, April 25 2006
News for Tuesday, April 25 2006
Site News CodeProject 25 Apr 2006 243
Microsoft Refreshes, Broadens IE 7 Beta
Microsoft is set to post for download from the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web site Beta 2 of IE 7 for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2 customers.
Industry News eWeek 25 Apr 2006 683
How to Destroy the Earth
Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.
Developer News Things of Interest 25 Apr 2006 1,863
Hacker 'Smartbomb' Toolkit Attacks Unpatched Computers
A hacking kit is being sold, and used, to attack a number of vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Developer News TechWeb 25 Apr 2006 737
Web-surfing worker can't be fired
You can't be fired for surfing the Web, at least in New York.
Industry News MSNBC 25 Apr 2006 1,215

Page 2591 of 2,622