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Metrics on Open Source applications
Get development metrics on open source applications. For example, did you know that Firefox is 50,763 LOC, and 60% JavaScript?
Developer News Elsewhere 18 Oct 2006 1,300
8 simple rules for developing more secure code
Michael Howard provides a few tips to keep the hackers away from your code.
Developer News MSDN Magazine 18 Oct 2006 3,837
Apple iPods ship with Windows Virus...
Ooops? Or just making a statement?
Hot Threads The Code Project 18 Oct 2006 142
Perf+ - a better perfmon
Nice update to the long-in-the-tooth admin tool.
Hot Threads The Code Project 18 Oct 2006 213
News for Tuesday, October 17 2006
News for Tuesday, October 17 2006
Site News CodeProject 17 Oct 2006 218
Leaked letter warns of open source 'threat to eco-system'
Microsoft (and other company) funded lobby group warns the EU of the dangers of OSS.
Industry News InfoWorld 17 Oct 2006 2,676
Ballmer says Microsoft is pushing for simplicity
"The company's goal is to provide users with software that has "click-to-run characteristics" inside their firewalls", he says.
Industry News ComputerWorld 17 Oct 2006 984
Apple's Jobs doesn't see threats to iPod: Report
Although I think his mind might be somewhere else: "That's like saying you don't want to kiss your lover's lips because everyone has lips."
Industry News eWeek 17 Oct 2006 752
IBM unveils 'Hawk' as information integration server
Priced a little out of my league, but it might be useful to some for data integration.
Industry News InfoWorld 17 Oct 2006 516
Run Perl 6 now -- in your browser!
Server was down when I looked, but it might be a nice way to learn Perl 6 (assuming that's possible).
Developer News Elsewhere 17 Oct 2006 1,057
Project Glidepath 2.0 now ready for download!
Update of Visual Studio add-in for developing WPF applications.
Developer News MSDN Blogs 17 Oct 2006 1,731
November MSDN online
All about security, but really -- who organized the blocks on the home page, and what were they thinking?
Developer News MSDN Magazine 17 Oct 2006 1,952
Sun: Java will work well with Vista
You might have to upgrade, but you can get Java and Vista playing nicely together.
Developer News InfoWorld 17 Oct 2006 668
How emotionally invested are you in your work?
I shed a tear for every bug.
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 Oct 2006 94
What sort of best practices coding do you use?
Tiers, FxCop, Agile, Waterfall? Or just keep hitting F5 until the errors stop?
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 Oct 2006 83
News for Monday, October 16 2006
News for Monday, October 16 2006
Site News CodeProject 16 Oct 2006 189
Cisco's triple threat
Cisco owns a patent that might either be a neat technology, or a nuclear bomb for competitors. Time, (and/or lawyers) will tell.
Industry News Light Reading 16 Oct 2006 2,462
IT hiring levels off
Don't panic. Yet.
Industry News eWeek 16 Oct 2006 3,232
Transmeta sues Intel over chip patents
Are they still in business?
Industry News InfoWorld 16 Oct 2006 1,147
Firefox accepting feature suggestions for version 3
Some want it bigger, others smaller.
Industry News Ars Technica 16 Oct 2006 1,142
Flapjax on the griddle for Web apps
Another Ajax client. In case the other 4392 didn't solve your needs.
Developer News InfoWorld 16 Oct 2006 795
Google office API on the way
Still only "a consideration" now, but these could enable developers to "mash-up" the services into their own applications.
Developer News Ars Technica 16 Oct 2006 857
The Design of Voyager
OS/2 is no longer supported. These folk want to rebuild it.
Developer News Elsewhere 16 Oct 2006 1,839
.NET University
Yet another Microsoft site. This one has training on the various WtFs coming with Vista.
Developer News Microsoft 16 Oct 2006 3,506

Page 2593 of 2,679