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Smashing the clock
Best Buy switches to "extreme flex time"
Industry News Business Week 14 Dec 2006 2,282
January issue of MSDN online
Focus is on some new OS Microsoft released, but there might be interesting content otherwise.
Developer News MSDN 14 Dec 2006 1,392
Microsoft offers software for building robots
Robotics Studio goes gold (not the robots, the code).
Developer News InfoWorld 14 Dec 2006 1,865
Skype not free anymore
To call a land line, that is. Coming in January.
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Dec 2006 184
News for Wednesday, December 13 2006
News for Wednesday, December 13 2006
Site News CodeProject 13 Dec 2006 159
Outsourcing: Beyond Bangalore
Outsourcing seeks new sources.
Industry News Business Week 13 Dec 2006 1,842
XenExpress: Free starter package for developers and IT enthusiasts
Another virtualization tool arrives on the scene.
Industry News Elsewhere 13 Dec 2006 2,084
Microsoft fixes IE, Windows Media Player flaws
Patch Tuesday is still way better than Patch Adams.
Industry News InfoWorld 13 Dec 2006 1,412
Vista's 'Bounce' to add 100,000 U.S. IT jobs, says report
It will take that many to install it.
Industry News TechWeb 13 Dec 2006 1,543
Opening up the Google Web Toolkit
GWT is now Open Source (Apache license, so have at!) for your Web work.
Developer News Google 13 Dec 2006 1,880
Developer News TechWeb 13 Dec 2006 2,133
The best IT advice I ever got
We all just need a reminder once and a while.
Developer News eWeek 13 Dec 2006 4,131
Microsoft desperately wants my love -- and yours
Linux guy gets free trip to Microsoft and hates it. Film at 11.
Developer News 13 Dec 2006 3,258
I would buy a Mac if I didn't work for Microsoft
Jim Allchin, "Taken out of context."
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Dec 2006 102
PDC 07!
Back in LA, BYOO (Bring Your Own Oxygen).
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Dec 2006 194
News for Tuesday, December 12 2006
News for Tuesday, December 12 2006
Site News CodeProject 12 Dec 2006 250
Amazon Askville launches with Dungeons & Dragons angle
Answer questions, and collect quest coins. Not sure what they're for yet.
Industry News TechCrunch 12 Dec 2006 723
Industry News TechWeb 12 Dec 2006 1,292
The dumbing-down of programming
Who doesn't enjoy a good rant now and again?
Industry News Salon 12 Dec 2006 3,733
The 50 greatest gadgets of the past 50 years
Probably have a few of these in a drawer somewhere...
Industry News PC World 12 Dec 2006 3,448
XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 released
Hits 1.0, supports Windows and Xbox 360. Go write a game!
Developer News Microsoft 12 Dec 2006 1,622
Map of the Internet
Someone really needs to convert this into a poster.
Developer News Elsewhere 12 Dec 2006 5,181
Left-handers 'think' more quickly
Yeah, well, they don't live as long.
Developer News BBC 12 Dec 2006 1,899
10 office holiday party landmines to avoid
Timely warnings with "the holidays" rapidly approaching.
Developer News eWeek 12 Dec 2006 2,165

Page 2594 of 2,698