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Microsoft announces HD DVD on Xbox 360
This new accessory will connect to the Xbox 360 console with a USB cable, enabling it to harness the power of the Xbox 360 console for the HD video outputs and digital surround sound.
Industry News Ars Technica 9 May 2006 432
News for Monday, May 8 2006
News for Monday, May 8 2006
Site News CodeProject 8 May 2006 210
The best Intel Core Duo laptops
CNET's review of the top Core Duo laptops.
Industry News San Francisco Chronicle, Cnet 8 May 2006 1,354
A True eBay Crime Story
It was the scandal that rocked the internet. A seemingly worthless painting sold on eBay in early 2000 for $135,805 -- all because buyers believed it might be the work of the 20th-century abstract painter Richard Diebenkorn.
Developer News Wired 8 May 2006 1,467
Apple beats Apple
Apple Computer has won the trademark dispute with Apple Corps, meaning they can still use the apple logo to sell music.
Industry News InfoWorld 8 May 2006 703
Coming soon: ODF for MS Office
The Open Document Foundation is reportedly about to release a plug-in for Office that will enable users to save documents in ODF's XML format.
Industry News eWeek 8 May 2006 510
Microsoft points the way to Anna Kournikova
CelebFavorites (part of Windows Live Local) offers a list of favorite places, such as museums, parks, restaurants and theaters, of each celebrity. Just the thing for the paparazzi.
Industry News TechWeb 8 May 2006 566
Java to get Linux boost
No longer the ignored child of Sun, they will announce partnerships to include up-to-date VMs in some Linux distros.
Developer News InfoWorld 8 May 2006 391
Microsoft CEO sees Web services as top R&D priority
Microsoft Corp. plans to double spending on research and development at its MSN Internet unit as the company focuses on software services. I bet you thought they meant those other Web services...
Developer News ComputerWorld 8 May 2006 505
VIM 7 released!
Great little text editor, now with spell checking, code completion and many more new features.
Developer News 8 May 2006 1,483
Do you believe the existence of Aliens in other planets?
Sure, where else could Bob have come from?
Hot Threads The Code Project 8 May 2006 97
MS to support C99?
Should Microsoft support the C99 standard in their compiler?
Hot Threads The Code Project 8 May 2006 181
Suit accuses Google of profiting from child porn
Google has made child pornography an "obscenely profitable and integral part" of its business and must be stopped, a new lawsuit claims.
Industry News 5 May 2006 1,610
Microsoft and Qualcomm Partner on Smartphone Tech
If it has always been your dream to easily edit Word documents without lugging around your laptop, you might be in luck thanks to a new partnership between Microsoft and Qualcomm that aims to vastly improve the capabilities of smartphones.
Developer News Sci-Tech Today 5 May 2006 254
News for Friday, May 5 2006
News for Friday, May 5 2006
Site News CodeProject 5 May 2006 130
Cyberspace running out of room
IPv4 is running out of room. Again. Head for the hills, or at least IPv6.
Industry News TechWeb 5 May 2006 1,332
New version of NCache
AlachiSoft has released version 2.0.2 of their NCache clustered caching product for .NET. Now with support for caching NHibernate.
Developer News AlachiSoft 5 May 2006 486
Commute time & Work from home...
Increased productivity, better lunches and afternoon television. Why not work from home?
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 May 2006 268
Yahoo faces class-action spyware suit
An antispyware activist and lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Yahoo, accusing the Web heavyweight of placing advertisements on spyware-vendor and "low-quality" sites.
Industry News InfoWorld 5 May 2006 373
802.11not: the sorry state of affairs with WiFi-N
Faster, better range, but still not ratified and "pre-N" devices might not be upgradeable. 802.11N, you tempt me from afar!
Industry News Ars Technica 5 May 2006 693
Sessions for Mix06 conference online
All 52 keynotes, sessions and breakouts are now available for viewing now.
Developer News Microsoft 5 May 2006 325
Linux GUI holed by missing bracket
A bug-hunt funded by the U.S. government has tracked down a serious security flaw in Linux's X Window System, caused by a missing parenthesis. You see, this is why we don't all program in Lisp.
Developer News ComputerWorld 5 May 2006 1,197
I can't believe I have to learn Java and all this web nonsense
Don't worry, it's just a fad. Get thee behind me, HTML!
Hot Threads The Code Project 5 May 2006 244
News for Thursday, May 4 2006
News for Thursday, May 4 2006
Site News CodeProject 4 May 2006 143

Page 2622 of 2,656