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Oracle to buy Portal Software
The checks keep flying out of the database vendor.
Industry News InfoWorld 13 Apr 2006 369
Google unveils Web-based calendar app
Integrated with GMail and full of Google Beta goodness. Supports iCal or XML for integration.
Industry News 13 Apr 2006 1,127
Students face off in programming contest
Russia's Saratov State University won this year's ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, and none of the questions were asked in the Lounge (yet).
Developer News Yahoo News 13 Apr 2006 591
People don't want to pay for Public Wi-Fi
From the latest issue of the journal, "Duh": A growing number of people are using public Wi-Fi, but the majority are unwilling to pay for the wireless Internet service.
Industry News TechWeb 13 Apr 2006 485
Microsoft posts, then pulls Vista Guide
It "wasn't quite ready for public consumption", so the 313 page guide posted to a partner site was removed.
Developer News TechWeb 13 Apr 2006 367
Developers fast to fix open-source bugs
More than 900 flaws were repaired in two weeks, as a result, some of the software is now entirely bug free. Wow. That's just amazing, isn't it?
Developer News ZDNet 13 Apr 2006 873
"Atlas" Control Toolkit
Great set of controls for "Atlas".
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Apr 2006 247
Naming conventions in .NET
It's always one way, unless it isn't.
Hot Threads The Code Project 13 Apr 2006 186
Microsoft reveals answer to Google Scholar
Microsoft has released an English-language beta version of Windows Live Academic Search, a service for searching academic journals.
Industry News ZDNet 12 Apr 2006 572
Squatters Snap Up All Idol Names
I know you all secretly watch American Idol.
Developer News Wired 12 Apr 2006 457
China to toughen stance on software piracy
China, long a major site of software piracy, will open infringement reporting centers, and begin to crack down on companies selling computers preloading illegal software.
Industry News InfoWorld 12 Apr 2006 210
Book recommendations
Good SF isn't hard to find when you ask the right people.
Hot Threads The Code Project 12 Apr 2006 276
Words from the Woz
What does Apple's "other Steve" think of personal computers now?
Industry News NW Source 12 Apr 2006 823
Microsoft releases critical Internet Explorer patch
It's "That Tuesday". Time to patch your XP.
Developer News ComputerWorld 12 Apr 2006 695
Windows Live Academic
Search your favourite computer science, electrical engineering and physics journals (more to come later).
Developer News Microsoft 12 Apr 2006 474
Beginner's AI
How do you get started with getting computers smart?
Hot Threads The Code Project 12 Apr 2006 404
Half of corporate PCs can't run Vista
Most just don't have enough horsepower or RAM to make the grade.
Industry News TechWeb 12 Apr 2006 1,320
10 things you should know about Windows XP's System Restore tool
If a crash or some other incident renders your WinXP system problematic or unbootable, you can use System Restore to return it to a previous working state.
Developer News TechRepublic 12 Apr 2006 1,125
News for Tuesday, April 11 2006
News for Tuesday, April 11 2006
Site News CodeProject 11 Apr 2006 143
VistaDB 2.1.5 Released
This new release features many improvements including enhanced support for Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET 2.0 framework. VistaDB 2.1.5 includes a new VistaDB OLE DB Provider for Visual Basic and ASP developers using classic ADO.
Developer News VistaDB 11 Apr 2006 753
Service offers offline browsing for laptops and PDAs
Can you put the Internet on this floppy for me? Webaroo is trying.
Industry News InfoWorld 11 Apr 2006 601
Common Questions About Compiling a List of References
Should you include references on a resume? Do they actually help or hinder?
Developer News ComputerWorld 11 Apr 2006 653
More than a cleanser, more than a Greek king, even (only slightly) more than a football team.
Hot Threads The Code Project 11 Apr 2006 1,238
Google Buys Australia
Think they'll make a Beta out of it?
Hot Threads The Code Project 11 Apr 2006 1,490

Page 2656 of 2,682