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Mobile Client Software Factory
aka The Composite UI Application Block for the .NET Compact Framework. This helps develop occasionally-connected apps for devices.
Developer News Microsoft 18 May 2006 528
Build arcade games with Visual Studio Express
Learn how to create games with the Express editions, and have a chance to win arcade machines (US only).
Developer News Microsoft 18 May 2006 1,328
News for Wednesday, May 17 2006
News for Wednesday, May 17 2006
Site News CodeProject 17 May 2006 162
Borland outlines road map for JBuilder
Borland has unveiled a three-year road map for its JBuilder IDE. Still no word on the new owners of "DevCo", though.
Developer News eWeek 17 May 2006 354
Microsoft fires back at Lucent in Xbox patent dispute
Microsoft Corp. has filed a countersuit against Lucent Technologies Inc. in a dispute over Microsoft's alleged misuse of patented technology in its Xbox 360 games console.
Industry News Macworld 17 May 2006 593
Microsoft MapCruncher Lets You Mashup Data & Maps
Want to mashup maps and data? Microsoft's just launched its own way to do this with MapCruncher.
Developer News SearchEngineWatch 17 May 2006 747
Apple Computer sued by Creative after lawsuit with Apple Corps
Immediately following the lawsuit with Apple Corps, Apple Computer Inc. on Monday was sued again by Creative Technologies, maker of the Zen media player, for patent infringement.
Industry News Xinhua Online 17 May 2006 425
Graduation project idea
What to do so that they're remember you (and let you graduate)?
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 May 2006 183
ICANN approves .tel domain
New domain to provide a way of communicating a contact number. Will it replace 1-800, or will it follow .name into non-use?
Industry News 17 May 2006 486
Google Notebook launched (Labs)
Clip and collect information as you browse the web.
Industry News Ars Technica 17 May 2006 1,489
Sun releases Java EE 5, promises openness
Improved Web Services support, EJB 3.0 and more in this huge release. Also: Sun makes it easier to distribute JVMs, and hints at possibly open sourcing Java in the future.
Developer News InfoWorld 17 May 2006 224
Google Web Toolkit
Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail easy for developers who don't speak browser quirks as a second language.
Developer News Google 17 May 2006 837
Is it Sequel or S Q L Server, Interview Gripes
Tohmato, tomahto. Go for neither: call it SQuirreL Server.
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 May 2006 165
News for Tuesday, May 16 2006
News for Tuesday, May 16 2006
Site News CodeProject 16 May 2006 211
Everybody must get Wiied
From E3, winners & winners? How does that happen?
Industry News Arstechnica 16 May 2006 808
Microsoft and MTV take on Apple iTunes
Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday will release a beta version of Windows Media Player 11, a more stylish version of its media software that mimics the sleekness of its main competitor, Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes. Hmmm, sounds a bit familiar.
Developer News IT 16 May 2006 584
Microsoft launches 'CodePlex,' a new code repository site
Latest attempt at creating a SourceForge for .NET developers. This one is based on Team Foundation Server.
Developer News Microsoft Watch 16 May 2006 1,979
Skype adds free US & Canada calling, for now
SkypeOut is free in the US and Canada until the end of the year. Sorry rest of world.
Industry News Ars Technica 16 May 2006 838
The Big Bounce
Was the Big Bang just a Bounce? Or maybe a Burp? How about a Buzz?
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 May 2006 188
The Ruby VCR
Ruby: a shiny programming language.
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 May 2006 253
20 questions on Windows Vista
Is it bigger than a bread box?
Industry News TechWeb 16 May 2006 2,204
Microsoft mobilizes 'Bronx'
Whuddayou lookin' at?
Industry News eWeek 16 May 2006 1,311
Expression Web Designer CTP
The first Community Technology Preview of Expression Web Designer is now available for download.
Developer News Microsoft 16 May 2006 832
Word 2007 adds blog posting tool
No word on whether you'll be able to post directly to Code Project, though.
Developer News TechWeb 16 May 2006 294

Page 2659 of 2,696