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Student Recites 8,784 Digits of Pi
He missed the record by about 2,000 digits, and is only about 12th on the world-wide list of reciters.
Industry News Yahoo 22 Mar 2006 776
Gadgets offer developer opportunity
Developers have an opportunity for revenue from developing mini-applications, called Gadgets, for Windows Vista according to Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore.
Developer News InfoWorld 22 Mar 2006 670
OpenXML Developer
Learn more about the upcoming Office file formats (soon to be ECMA Standard)
Developer News 22 Mar 2006 811
Sun Launches Two New Developer Programs
Sun Developer Expert Assistance program will provide e-mail based answers ($99USD per request) and Sun Community Champions Program will highlight community developers for their work promoting Sun tools and services.
Developer News eWeek 22 Mar 2006 230
Microsoft Delays Vista Until January
You'll now have to wait a few more sleeps before you get your hands on the shipping version of Windows Vista as it's now set for release in January 2007.
Hot Threads The Code Project 22 Mar 2006 225
News for Tuesday, March 21 2006
News for Tuesday, March 21 2006
Site News CodeProject 21 Mar 2006 176
Mars rover's wheel breaks as winter beckons
The motor that rotates Mars rover Spirit's front right wheel seems to have stopped working according to NASA officials. Only 779 days into its 90 day mission.
Developer News New Scientist 21 Mar 2006 765
Microsoft eyes XAML to wed designers, developers
Bridging the gap between application developers and Web designers has always been a problem for companies building high-impact Web sites. Now Microsoft Corp. thinks it has the answer through its use of an XML-based language called Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML).
Industry News Computerworld 21 Mar 2006 960
Samsung offering flash-based disk
Samsung has begun selling their new flash-based hard drive. Silent and fast, but only 32GB. (Pricing not mentioned)
Industry News InfoWorld 21 Mar 2006 793
Google Finance
Now everyone's favourite search engine has a finance page. Beta, of course.
Industry News Google 21 Mar 2006 871
Welcome to The Code Project
Is is part of the longest ever translation exercise for The Code Project, or just curiousity by the code-frog?
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Mar 2006 953
Novell Pledges Support for NetWare 6.5
Still love Netware? Don't worry, Novell does too -- at least until 2015.
Industry News eWeek 21 Mar 2006 262
Wired Gadget Lab
Reviews of cool stuff by geeks like us.
Developer News Wired 21 Mar 2006 841
Eclipse Getting Rich, Adding Life-cycle Tools
The EclipseCon 2006 conference in Santa Clara, Calif., this week will highlight Eclipse projects in ALM (application lifecycle management), as well as endeavors in rich-client technology, PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor), and VoIP.
Developer News InfoWorld 21 Mar 2006 358
MechCommander 2 Source
Want to know how to build a game? Microsoft has released the source code for MechCommander 2 to show you how XNA Build will help. (Caution: download is over 1GB)
Developer News Microsoft 21 Mar 2006 714
A word about COBOL
The news of COBOL's death is exaggerated.
Hot Threads The Code Project 21 Mar 2006 286
News for Monday, March 20 2006
News for Monday, March 20 2006
Site News CodeProject 20 Mar 2006 158
HP Clones P&G's Cincinnati Accounting Ops in India
Bangalore, India, is a booming, sprawling metropolis. You can find almost anything here. You can even find a piece of Cincinnati if you know where to look.
Industry News eWeek 20 Mar 2006 393
XNA Preview
The March Community Technology Preview of XNA (Microsoft's upcoming gaming API) is now available.
Developer News Microsoft 20 Mar 2006 401
C++/CLI for .NET
Is C++/CLI gaining momentum, or do more people leave C++ for unmanaged development? Discuss.
Hot Threads The Code Project 20 Mar 2006 541
The Mysteries of Book Publishers
Why can one book continue to be published, while other useful books end up on the remainder shelf? My guess -- goat entrails and chicken bones.
Hot Threads The Code Project 20 Mar 2006 141
Google cleared in cache copyright case, forced to hand over e-mail in another
A Federal Judge has ruled that Google's archiving of Usenet posts does not constitute copyright infringement, even if the posts themselves contain infringing material. In another ruling, a federal magistrate has upheld an earlier decision ordering Google to turn over all messages from a user's Gmail account, include those that were deleted.
Industry News Ars Technica 20 Mar 2006 567
Microsoft People ready (tm)
Microsoft realizes companies employ people, and they intend to do something about it!
Industry News Microsoft 20 Mar 2006 1,213
A new study shows the healing effects of beer
A new study seems to show beer has anti-oxidant properties, and is a good source of B vitamins and some minerals. Need any more reasons?
Industry News Seed Magazine 20 Mar 2006 870

Page 2660 of 2,679