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2006 Jolt Awards
See the products and books that make our lives easier. Visual Studio Professional Edition enters the Hall of Fame!
Developer News Software Development 17 Mar 2006 471
A little late for pi Day, but Jeremy Falcon wonders the wisdom and mystery of pi.
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 Mar 2006 249
VeriSign details massive denial-of-service attacks
An "especially devastating" DDoS attack affected about 1,500 organizations worldwide earlier this year by unknown hackers who employed botnets and Domain Name System (DNS) servers to swamp networks with unmanageable torrents of data.
Industry News ComputerWorld 17 Mar 2006 352
Hackers get Windows XP working on Intel Mac
Hackers have managed to get Windows XP to run on one of the new Intel Macs. It's amazing what a little cash can get people to do.
Industry News ComputerWorld 17 Mar 2006 1,407
Interview with Jeffrey Richter
Please check out this four part series with one of the industry's top Software Legends.
Industry News The Code Project 17 Mar 2006 1,199
Microsoft goes public with Blue Hat hacker conference
Microsoft is going public with some of the hacking information discussed at its Blue Hat Security Briefings event.
Developer News InfoWorld 17 Mar 2006 424
Microsoft Working on Developer Platform For Windows Live Mail
Microsoft is working on a Windows Live Mail developer platform that will provide the tools needed for third-party developers to build their own applications for the Web mail product.
Developer News TechWeb 17 Mar 2006 215
Popularity of programming languages
Programming languages are just like high school, everyone wants to be the popular one.
Hot Threads The Code Project 17 Mar 2006 196
News for Thursday, March 16 2006
News for Thursday, March 16 2006
Site News CodeProject 16 Mar 2006 119
Bill Gates mocks MIT's $100 laptop project
Can't we all just get along.
Industry News InfoWorld 16 Mar 2006 1,196
'Free IPod' Takes Privacy Toll
The new Superman of privacy, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.
Industry News Wired 16 Mar 2006 623
Microsoft Rethinks the Beta Process
Betas may soon be a thing of the past for Microsoft.
Developer News Microsoft Watch 16 Mar 2006 1,277
RAVEN Professional
RAVEN Professional adds Specification Builder and Specification Checker to their tools for converting plain English to UML.
Developer News RAVENFlow 16 Mar 2006 226
Will your PC keep pace with Vista?
Microsoft is building into the new operating system a tool that will rate a PC based on how well it is running and on how much it can take advantage of Vista's capabilities.
Developer News CNet 16 Mar 2006 805
Adobe Warns of Critical Flash Flaw
No, not that it kills the Back button. Adobe has confirmed that version 8 of Flash has multiple critical vulnerabilities. An update is available for download.
Industry News TechWeb 16 Mar 2006 399
Visual Studio Service Packs due this year
Service pack 1 for Visual Studio 2003 .NET is currently targeted for release in June of 2006. A customer beta period for Visual Studio 2003 SP1 begins March 24, 2006 and will continue through April 24, 2006. SP1 for Visual Studio 2005 is currently targeted for release in Q3 of 2006. The schedule for the beta will be posted when it has been finalized.
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Mar 2006 163
Why .NET?
Why not?
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Mar 2006 194
Debit card crime ring busted
Law enforcement officials in New Jersey have arrested 14 people in connection with a crime spree that has forced banks across the nation to replace hundreds of thousands of debit cards.
Industry News CNet 16 Mar 2006 446
News for Wednesday, March 15 2006
News for Wednesday, March 15 2006
Site News CodeProject 15 Mar 2006 96
Super-Earths May Be Three Times More Common Than Jupiters
Astronomers have discovered a new "super-Earth" orbiting a red dwarf star located about 9,000 light-years away.
Developer News Science Daily 15 Mar 2006 464
Email graphic traceroute
Uses Google Maps to graphically show you the route taken by an email message.
Developer News 15 Mar 2006 768
US cuts demand for Google data, judge is favorable
Google will have to provide some data to the US DoJ, but not the amount previously requested.
Industry News Reuters 15 Mar 2006 235
Google Buys Maker Of 3D Modeling Software
Google buys 3D software maker, @Last. Where did that one come from, and what are they thinking?
Industry News TechWeb 15 Mar 2006 445
Entertainment Companies Push Interactive Options At Movie Theaters
Coming soon to movie theatres: consoles that will allow you to order concessions from your seat, or play multiplayer games on the screen before the movie. Of course, the only game is The Last Starfighter.
Industry News TechWeb 15 Mar 2006 130

Page 2679 of 2,696