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Careful what you email down under
Under the Telecommunications (Interception) Amendment Act, the Government will be able to access communications not only between the B-party and the suspect, but also between the B-party and anyone else. If you have unwittingly communicated with a suspect (and thereby become a B-party), the Government may be able to monitor all your conversations with family members, friends, work colleagues, your lawyer and your doctor. (and your sysadmin)
Hot Threads The Code Project 4 Apr 2006 203
Microsoft Buys ProClarity
Microsoft plans to use ProClarity's technologies in conjunction with its SQL Server 2005, Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005, Office Excel and Office SharePoint Portal Server products.
Industry News InfoWorld 4 Apr 2006 536
Dell, Apple Lead In Brand Trust, Microsoft Dead Last
Bose, Dell, and Apple Computer led the technology brands trusted by U.S. consumers, a new survey from Forrester Research said Monday, while Microsoft came in dead last.
Industry News TechWeb 4 Apr 2006 718
BEA Unveils Portal Tools
Tool plugs Sharepoint and AquaLogic portals together, enables .NET coding.
Developer News ComputerWorld 4 Apr 2006 226
Virtual Server 2005 R2 - Free ?
All your virtualization in one place, and for one fine price.
Hot Threads The Code Project 4 Apr 2006 313
Trend Micro Data Revealed due to Virus
In a case of the "cobbler's children", a Trend Micro employee forgot to run his company's antivirus software on his computer, leading to the uploading of company data to a P2P network.
Industry News ComputerWorld 4 Apr 2006 962
The World Record-Breaking Capital
The strongest hair! The youngest sumo wrestler! The longest pencil! In Malaysia, making your mark - any mark - is a matter of national pride.
Developer News Wired 4 Apr 2006 411
Adobe Photoshop engineer details Intel Mac challenges
Switching to Universal Binaries is no small task according at least one engineer at Adobe. The maturity of XCode and other problems stand in the way of migrating big apps to the new Mac chips.
Developer News Apple Insider 4 Apr 2006 396
Google Faces Rivals for San Francisco Wi-Fi Project
Municipal wireless vendor and a Cisco-backed nonprofit also are vying for the project.
Industry News PC WORLD 3 Apr 2006 387
News for Monday, April 3 2006
News for Monday, April 3 2006
Site News CodeProject 3 Apr 2006 241
Alcatel and Lucent to Merge
Two of the world's largest communications suppliers have agreed to merge, creating a USD25 billion company.
Industry News InfoWorld 3 Apr 2006 374
PHP Extended to Midrange
Now you will have something else to do with your AS/400, as Zend has ported PHP to run on the popular IBM computer line.
Developer News InfoWorld 3 Apr 2006 323
The History of "i"
Where did that itty-bitty incrementing iterator come from?
Hot Threads The Code Project 3 Apr 2006 249
Patent Office Rules in eBay's Favor
eBay will be allowed to continue to use its "Buy it Now" links after the US Patent Office upheld an earlier decision against patent holder MerchExchange.
Industry News TechWeb 3 Apr 2006 369
Canadian WiMAX Network Launched
Canada becomes one of the first countries where WiMAX is available. The high-speed wireless service (up to 3Mbps) will be targeted at urban business travellers and rural users.
Industry News Ars Technica 3 Apr 2006 721
Neutrinos have mass
Researchers in the US and Japan have confirmed that neutrinos seem to change into other particles, implying they have mass. Could they be the source of the missing mass of the Universe?
Developer News BBC 3 Apr 2006 1,076
Windows Vista Capable
Despite the availability of the OS now scheduled for early 2007, computers bearing the logo "Windows Vista Capable" should be on shelves in the next few months. Your mileage will vary.
Developer News InfoWorld 3 Apr 2006 706
Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library V1.0
The Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library can be used to provide comprehensive protection to Web-based applications against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.
Developer News Microsoft 3 Apr 2006 515
Which Project Tracking Tools would you recommend?
"Getting to Done" begins with "What do I need to do?"
Hot Threads The Code Project 3 Apr 2006 274
News for Friday, March 31 2006
News for Friday, March 31 2006
Site News CodeProject 31 Mar 2006 345
Industry News ZDNet 31 Mar 2006 906
Microsoft has not done enough to meet antitrust demands: EU
Microsoft, under pressure, could face huge fines for not meeting anti-trust demands made by the EU in 2004.
Industry News XINHUA online 31 Mar 2006 571
Ads to appear on Google Local maps
Google will be adding graphical adverts to their Google Local mapping service.
Industry News InfoWorld 31 Mar 2006 530
Downlevel Browsers
Why use a pre-NS3/IE4 browser? Well, my copy of Mosaic ain't broke...
Hot Threads The Code Project 31 Mar 2006 529

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