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Only 'freaks' waste their time with Linux in Oklahoma
For the last two weeks, the Linux army has seized on Tuttle, Oklahoma city manager Jerry Taylor as a symbol of all that's wrong with the world.
Developer News The Register 10 Apr 2006 1,429
Podcasts Are On Our Minds, But Not In Our Media Players
Many people know what podcasts are, but few use them. What will it take to make them ubiquitous?
Developer News TechWeb 10 Apr 2006 360
Researchers worry over new cross-platform viruses
A new virus that infects both Linux and Windows may be on the loose soon after developers release sample code.
Developer News InfoWorld 10 Apr 2006 690
A Code Project Recipe book
Bake four and twenty coders into a pie...
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Apr 2006 1,232
New Release of the VCF
0-9-0 release now available for those who are unmanaged.
Hot Threads The Code Project 10 Apr 2006 726
Red Hat to buy JBoss
Red Hat has agreed to pay USD350 million for open source application server JBoss.
Industry News InfoWorld 10 Apr 2006 552
Rush is on for .eu domain names
The registry for the .eu top level domain received 390,000 applications in the first 100 minutes of availability.
Industry News InfoWorld 10 Apr 2006 433
Scientists build high-energy batteries with viruses
Not computer viruses, but real viruses. The lithium ion batteries "built" by the viruses are three times as powerful as others for their weight and size.
Industry News ComputerWorld 10 Apr 2006 1,388
Geek Graffiti Takes on New York
Art and software development. What an interesting combination...
Developer News Wired 10 Apr 2006 757
News for Friday, April 7 2006
News for Friday, April 7 2006
Site News CodeProject 7 Apr 2006 205
Apple Deigns To Let Macs Boot Up With Windows
Apple and Microsoft playing nice. I feel like I am in the land Oz.
Industry News Washington Post 7 Apr 2006 931
Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Update May Break Internet Applications
If you use the Internet Explorer browser, and in fact, even if you just use Microsoft Windows, your favorite websites, business applications, and toolbars could stop working beginning April 11th when a non-security update is installed.
Developer News 7 Apr 2006 1,317
Lady Developers
"Have you ever, you know, coded with a lady?"
Hot Threads The Code Project 7 Apr 2006 1,760
Considering my own Web Server
Ah, they grow up so fast, then move out on their own.
Hot Threads The Code Project 7 Apr 2006 946
Britannica attacks Nature in newspaper ads
Is Wikipedia as accurate as The Encyclopedia Britannica? Nature says "yes", but Britannica would like to differ.
Industry News Ars Technica 7 Apr 2006 659
MSN search down for hours
"What does this button do?"
Industry News InfoWorld 7 Apr 2006 846
Google upgrades toolbar for Firefox
Now with suggestions, autocorrect and "Safe Browsing" support. Oh, yes, of course it's Beta.
Industry News InfoWorld 7 Apr 2006 539
Database experiment reveals Darwin's inspiration
Researchers have used SQL Server 2005 to prove that Darwin's professor at Cambridge was already onto the whole "variation within a species" thing. Maybe we might have to rewrite a few textbooks?
Developer News InfoWorld 7 Apr 2006 714
Interesting Facts About Domain Names
Which .COM names are still available? Seems there are still a few good ones out there, like Here's an analysis.
Developer News Yafla 7 Apr 2006 1,157
Microsoft to extend SQL Server Mobile to all versions of Windows
SQL Server Mobile, rebranded as SQL Server Everywhere, will target the embedded database space. Free 2MB download, coming later this year.
Developer News ComputerWorld 7 Apr 2006 526
News for Thursday, April 6 2006
News for Thursday, April 6 2006
Site News CodeProject 6 Apr 2006 101
EarthLink and Google win San Francisco Wi-Fi bid
San Francico will finally get it's free and low cost Wi-Fi.
Industry News ZDNet 6 Apr 2006 586
Automakers Pimp Hybrids to Please
Hybrids are going mainstream. Very cool.
Developer News Wired 6 Apr 2006 715
Microsoft Readies 'BitVault' Self-Healing Data Store
Once a Microsoft Research project, BitVault may be heading out of the labs and onto hard drives to help distribute and protect large volumes of data.
Industry News Microsoft Watch 6 Apr 2006 560

Page 2699 of 2,724