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Visual Studio Service Packs due this year
Service pack 1 for Visual Studio 2003 .NET is currently targeted for release in June of 2006. A customer beta period for Visual Studio 2003 SP1 begins March 24, 2006 and will continue through April 24, 2006. SP1 for Visual Studio 2005 is currently targeted for release in Q3 of 2006. The schedule for the beta will be posted when it has been finalized.
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Mar 2006 168
Why .NET?
Why not?
Hot Threads The Code Project 16 Mar 2006 206
Debit card crime ring busted
Law enforcement officials in New Jersey have arrested 14 people in connection with a crime spree that has forced banks across the nation to replace hundreds of thousands of debit cards.
Industry News CNet 16 Mar 2006 446
News for Wednesday, March 15 2006
News for Wednesday, March 15 2006
Site News CodeProject 15 Mar 2006 102
Super-Earths May Be Three Times More Common Than Jupiters
Astronomers have discovered a new "super-Earth" orbiting a red dwarf star located about 9,000 light-years away.
Developer News Science Daily 15 Mar 2006 464
Email graphic traceroute
Uses Google Maps to graphically show you the route taken by an email message.
Developer News 15 Mar 2006 768
US cuts demand for Google data, judge is favorable
Google will have to provide some data to the US DoJ, but not the amount previously requested.
Industry News Reuters 15 Mar 2006 235
Google Buys Maker Of 3D Modeling Software
Google buys 3D software maker, @Last. Where did that one come from, and what are they thinking?
Industry News TechWeb 15 Mar 2006 445
Entertainment Companies Push Interactive Options At Movie Theaters
Coming soon to movie theatres: consoles that will allow you to order concessions from your seat, or play multiplayer games on the screen before the movie. Of course, the only game is The Last Starfighter.
Industry News TechWeb 15 Mar 2006 130
Microsoft unwraps software, financing for SMBs
New Small Business Server 2003 R2 now available, and loans for small businesses available as Microsoft tries to get the attention of small and medium businesses (SMBs).
Industry News ComputerWorld 15 Mar 2006 394
Amazon provides storage for developers
Store all the data you want in Amazon's cloud. Only 15 cents (US)/MB per month (20 cents/ GB of transfer). Waiting for the copyright lawsuit.
Developer News InfoWorld 15 Mar 2006 206
Putting the Battery in the Freezer
A low tech fix for low battery life?
Hot Threads The Code Project 15 Mar 2006 199
Microsoft's Response to Vista and .NET
Seeking an answer to the little usage of the .NET Framework in Windows Vista.
Hot Threads The Code Project 15 Mar 2006 199
News for Tuesday, March 14 2006
News for Tuesday, March 14 2006
Site News CodeProject 14 Mar 2006 124
Agile programming has fallen short
Software design legend Steve McConnell says agile programming, like CASE before it, is a good idea that hasn't quite lived up to expectations.
Developer News InfoWorld 14 Mar 2006 612
Nanotech helps blind hamsters see
Peptides injected into hamsters' brains helped restore vision. Research has implications for stroke and trauma recovery as well.
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Mar 2006 201
Cryzip Trojan Encrypts Files, Demands Ransom
A new Trojan making the rounds has found a new angle: Cryzip encrypts the data into a password-protected file, and demands a $300 ransom to extract the files.
Industry News eWeek 14 Mar 2006 620
Google to Offer Book Downloads
Google says it will soon sell full-text versions of books at the request of its book publishing partners. First up, Harper Collins and Random House will be available.
Industry News eWeek 14 Mar 2006 351
New Microsoft site 10 is a place for people who use technology. Featuring Laura Foy and Tina Wood (formerly at G4 TV).
Industry News Microsoft 14 Mar 2006 754
Apple again pays Jobs $1 salary
Poor Steve, isn't it time for a merit increase?
Industry News CNet 14 Mar 2006 851
Zend/PHP Conference 2005
October 18-21, San Francisco CA. Learn PHP from the source.
Developer News Zend 14 Mar 2006 121
Math Nerds Prepare To Celebrate Pi Day
Happy Pi day (3/14)! Don't forget to draw a circle, or memorize a few dozen digits to celebrate.
Developer News TechWeb 14 Mar 2006 396
Made in Express Contest Announced
Step 1: Build something cool with one of the Express Editions Step 2: ??? Step 3: Win $10,000US
Developer News Microsoft 14 Mar 2006 249
Source Control
Developers without source control are like cars without bumpers. Everything is fine until you run into something.
Hot Threads The Code Project 14 Mar 2006 237

Page 2707 of 2,724