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Industry News The Verge 9 Apr 2024 1,067
A cheeky intern nearly turned MS-DOS into NSFW-DOS
Next time, just leave the chocolate easter eggs
Developer News The Register 9 Apr 2024 3,541
Fortran on WebAssembly
One of these things is not like the other...
Developer News Dr George Stagg 9 Apr 2024 1,286
Why is software quality worse than a decade ago
Old man available, present clouds. It's time for some shouting.
Developer News bitheap 9 Apr 2024 2,508
Xr0: C, but safe
"Unless of course you can tell me that it's safe."
Developer News xr0 9 Apr 2024 1,709
Download speeds
Never fast enough
Hot Threads CodeProject 9 Apr 2024 1,021
Why does it have to be horrible?
It's almost like it's a new programming language!
Hot Threads CodeProject 9 Apr 2024 1,734
Introducing Learn JavaScript
Learn JavaScript is a new course written by Mat Marquis, as a deep dive into modern JavaScript.
Tips and Tools 9 Apr 2024 2,336
The Ruby on Rails Resurgence
Ruby on Rails’ popularity has resurged in recent years.
Tips and Tools DevOps 9 Apr 2024 101
Blazor Basics: Templating Components with RenderFragments
We will learn what templated components are and how they help us implement more reusable Blazor components.
Tips and Tools Telerik 9 Apr 2024 214
Managing User Focus with :focus-visible
In this post we are going to look at :focus-visible and how to use it in your web sites!
Tips and Tools CSS Tricks 9 Apr 2024 122
Meet clickjacking's slicker cousin, 'gesture jacking,' aka 'cross window forgery'
Web devs advised to do their part to limit UI redress attacks
Tips and Tools The Register 9 Apr 2024 113
Iconography In Design Systems: Easy Troubleshooting And Maintenance
Tatsiana Tarkan digs deep into iconography as part of a design system and shares some doable tips that will turn icon creation and maintenance into an enjoyable process.
Tips and Tools Smashing magazine 9 Apr 2024 87
FastUI is a new way to build web application user interfaces defined by declarative Python code.
Tips and Tools pydantic 9 Apr 2024 286
Satire Poorly Drawn Lines 9 Apr 2024 545
Science And Technology Tom's Hardware 9 Apr 2024 1,355
An IRC client in your motherboard
"Some men just want to watch the world burn."
Science And Technology Phillip Tennen 9 Apr 2024 1,194
Google might make users pay for AI features in search results
So you're both the payer and the product
Industry News Ars Technica 8 Apr 2024 1,008
OpenAI transcribed over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4
So now it thinks the Titanic was an inside job, that cell phones cause toenail fungus, and ivermectin cures grey hair
Industry News The Verge 8 Apr 2024 1,395
Industry News Windows Latest 8 Apr 2024 2,446
Industry News Bleeping Computer 8 Apr 2024 3,669
C++ Insights - See your source code with the eyes of a compiler
Pay no attention to the optimization behind the curtain!
Developer News Andreas Fertig 8 Apr 2024 1,528
Modular makes a case for Mojo programming language, based on Python
For programming in your Mojo Dojo Casa House
Developer News DevOps 8 Apr 2024 1,010
IT professionals prioritizing work-life balance
It's all about where you draw the line
Developer News IT Pro Today 8 Apr 2024 1,595

Page 3 of 2,679