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Developer News IT Brew 20 May 2024 1,472
Reimagining Pong Wars with C# and MVUX
Write once, Pong Wars everywhere
Developer News Uno Platform 20 May 2024 1,467
Developer News Security Boulevard 20 May 2024 604
Hot Threads CodeProject 20 May 2024 1,224
Assembly: One of those things I keep on trying
Because some code deserves to be RISCy
Hot Threads CodeProject 20 May 2024 1,310
Satire Savage Chickens 20 May 2024 738
The OpenAI team tasked with protecting humanity is no more
No need for long term safety, as the AI apocalypse is scheduled in the short term
Science And Technology Engadget 20 May 2024 1,584
Science And Technology Quanta magazine 20 May 2024 3,377
Industry News Ars Technica 17 May 2024 2,532
Industry News Windows Latest 17 May 2024 2,826
Industry News Windows Central 17 May 2024 3,434
Developer News Vadim Kravcenko 17 May 2024 1,787
Archie, the first web search engine, almost disappeared entirely, but it’s back
Great news if you're looking for something from the 80s
Developer News Ars Technica 17 May 2024 2,140
Developer News Infoworld 17 May 2024 2,159
Not having a debugger has made me good at debugging
Now imagine how good you'll be at compiling without a compiler!
Hot Threads CodeProject 17 May 2024 1,388
How to Get Started using Semantic Kernel .NET
We’re going to dive into the Getting Started guide we have in the main Semantic Kernel GitHub repository for .NET.
Tips and Tools Semantic Kernel 17 May 2024 406
Exploring Microsoft's Phi-3 Family of Small Language Models (SLMs) with Azure AI
In this blog post, we will explore how to interact with Microsoft's Phi-3 models using Azure AI services and the Model catalog. We'll dive into the process of deploying and integrating these models into real-world applications, as well as practical exercises to solidify your understanding of the technology.
Tips and Tools Microsoft educator developer 17 May 2024 82
Understanding the generative AI development process
Developing generative AI applications is very different from developing traditional machine learning applications.
Tips and Tools Infoworld 17 May 2024 207
Google's new Gemini 1.5 Flash AI model is lighter than Gemini Pro and more accessible
The new model will cut costs for developers using Google's models to build AI applications.
Tips and Tools Engadget 17 May 2024 56
OpenAI’s Model Spec outlines some basic rules for AI
How should an AI model handle prompts about crime, hazardous information, or porn?
Tips and Tools The Verge 17 May 2024 54
Home APIs: Enabling all developers to build for the home
With the Home APIs, app developers can access over 600M devices, Google’s hubs and Matter infrastructure, and an automation engine powered by Google intelligence - all available on both Android and iOS.
Tips and Tools Android developers 17 May 2024 294
Incorporate offline and online human – machine workflows into your generative AI applications on AWS
In this post, we introduce a solution for integrating a “near-real-time human workflow” where humans are prompted by the generative AI system to take action when a situation or issue arises.
Tips and Tools Amazon AWS machine learning 17 May 2024 52
Google will let you create personalized AI chatbots
Chris is totally going to replace me, isn't he? ;(
Science And Technology The Verge 17 May 2024 1,205
Industry News Ars Technica 16 May 2024 2,551

Page 4 of 2,698