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20 Jun 2022 -
  27 Jun 2022
You discover a sentient AI in your org's system. What do you do?
Well you never know what sort of orphaned projects previous employees have left behind...
13 Jun 2022 -
  20 Jun 2022
Your boss says everyone must head back to the office full time. What's your response?
6 Jun 2022 -
  13 Jun 2022
Do you upgrade your computers' components?
We're talking about just the main computer, not any peripherals.
30 May 2022 -
  6 Jun 2022
When you use code from a library such as NuGet, PIP, npm etc, what due dilligence do you do?
23 May 2022 -
  30 May 2022
How important is naming to you in your code?
There are 2 hard problems in Computer Science: caching, naming and off-by-one errors
16 May 2022 -
  23 May 2022
On which operating systems are you writing code?
Let's see if things have changed since we last ran this. "writing code" meaning editing, building, and running the code on that OS.
9 May 2022 -
  16 May 2022
Do you use Code Coverage tools?
A critical tool or an unnecessary critic?
2 May 2022 -
  9 May 2022
Which devices or platforms would you most like to program?
Imagine you had the tools and experience to mess around with any piece of code on any piece of hardware. What would be on your TODO list?
25 Apr 2022 -
  2 May 2022
You're being handed someone else's code to manage. What do you most hope for?
18 Apr 2022 -
  25 Apr 2022
How would you use Artificial Intelligence in your apps?
Sure it's a hammer, but there a lots of different shaped nails
11 Apr 2022 -
  18 Apr 2022
How would you describe a Software Developer?
Pick 1 for "not even close" to 5 for "Spot on". If you're a developer, maybe get a second opinion from the closest person non-developer near you.
4 Apr 2022 -
  11 Apr 2022
How do you participate in Open Source projects?
We'll define "Open Source" as being code that is released under a license that allows a user to use, study, change, and distribute the software and its source code. Contributed by Shao Voon Wong.
28 Mar 2022 -
  4 Apr 2022
Do you get up in the middle of the night to code because you can't sleep?
Insomnia's a terrible thing, but what if you finally work out how to get that feature working?
20 Mar 2022 -
  27 Mar 2022
How do you manage your passwords?
14 Mar 2022 -
  21 Mar 2022
Pick one: what will improve your productivity?
You're offered a wish but you only get one. Which do you choose to make your day job more productive?
7 Mar 2022 -
  14 Mar 2022
Have you ever been asked to include a backdoor in your software?
28 Feb 2022 -
  7 Mar 2022
What things do you (currently) trust AI to do for you?
It's ubiquitous, but is it a hammer looking for a nail? Is it mature enough to be relied upon? Is it just too creepy? Or is it just all good? Which of the following are you OK with?
21 Feb 2022 -
  28 Feb 2022
For the C# devs: expression body or old school functions?
Do you prefer the expression body public override string ToString() => "I am an object"; or the traditional public override string ToString() { return "I am a string"; }?
14 Feb 2022 -
  21 Feb 2022
AI can drive a car and write a novel. What's the value a software developer brings that AI can't?
Are we slowly being replaced and haven't yet noticed, or will AI always be merely a tool that us Skilled Professionals wield to make a better world?
7 Feb 2022 -
  14 Feb 2022
Which social media do you engage in?
Social Let's see how things have changed in 5 years...

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