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31 Jan 2022 -
  7 Feb 2022
Which methods of installing software do you prefer?
Anyone else miss "Please insert the disk: 10"? I thought not.
24 Jan 2022 -
  31 Jan 2022
What's important to you when considering the license of open source code?
The "use it for free" statement has many, many subtle shades. Not the least in the term "free". What's most important to you?
17 Jan 2022 -
  24 Jan 2022
Have you moved to Visual Studio 2022?
For the Visual Studio Devs. Time for a quick straw poll.
10 Jan 2022 -
  17 Jan 2022
What's the worst thing your manager / team lead can announce?
Obviously the list can be pretty long, but let's stick to the basics.
3 Jan 2022 -
  10 Jan 2022
How important is formatted code?
27 Dec 2021 -
  3 Jan 2022
What are your New Year resolutions?
I'm getting a serious case of déjà vu here.
20 Dec 2021 -
  27 Dec 2021
How will you be spending this Holiday period?
Another year of strangeness for many, and back to normal for many others. How's your holiday season looking?
13 Dec 2021 -
  20 Dec 2021
What genre of books do us developers like to read?
Obviously RFCs and Spec documents top the list, so let's skip them and see what's on everyone's bedside table these days.
6 Dec 2021 -
  13 Dec 2021
When writing an app, do you try and write a single, cross-platform app, or one app for each platform you target?
One codebase is nice. Using native features is nice. Making choices is hard. And obviously sometimes it depends on the project (so choose all that apply)
29 Nov 2021 -
  6 Dec 2021
In what environment do you code best?
It always depends on the project and the team, but think of your ideal scenario to Get Stuff Done.
22 Nov 2021 -
  29 Nov 2021
Who designs the UI for your apps?
15 Nov 2021 -
  22 Nov 2021
How many hours a week are you working?
Times are still a little weird for many of us. "Work" means anything that's part of paid employment (even if you aren't getting paid for some of those hours)
8 Nov 2021 -
  15 Nov 2021
What's your favourite reason to code?
It can depend on the day, or the job, or the paycheck, but pick the one that is the number one reason you keep coding
1 Nov 2021 -
  8 Nov 2021
When you read documentation on a new language, what's important?
You're moving to a new language. What do you absolutely, positively need? 1 = Not important, 5 = Absolutely gotta have it. (Something missing? Add it in a comment!)
25 Oct 2021 -
  1 Nov 2021
As a developer, will you miss the Macbook's TouchBar?
It seemed like a good idea at the time. Evidently.
18 Oct 2021 -
  25 Oct 2021
What types of software development are you working on currently?
Not what you've worked on, or what you plan to work on, but the types of projects you currently have on the go.
11 Oct 2021 -
  18 Oct 2021
Do you use block markers (eg. {}, begin/end) when the code block is only a single line?
Consistency or compactness? What's your preferred way of marking blocks of code?
4 Oct 2021 -
  11 Oct 2021
What's the hardest part of learning a new language?
27 Sep 2021 -
  4 Oct 2021
Do you trust packages you download from package repositories such as npm, PIP, Nuget etc?
CocoaPods, cargo, gems, PIP, npm, NuGet, Conan. There's a package repository for everyone these days.
20 Sep 2021 -
  27 Sep 2021
Moving to Windows 11?
A change is as good as a holiday, right?

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