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Survey Free Text Answers

Who has the final say in decisions on a software project?

10 Dec 2007 to 16 Dec 2007 We can get pulled in a dozen directions while trying to finish a project. Who has the final say in your coding day?

Text entry answers for sorted by frequency of occurrance.

(2) CListCtrl
(2) my wife
(2) The project manager
(2) Bill Gates
(1) CDatabase in MFC
(1) Actually, Me. Most of the time.
(1) The Tea Lady
(1) The Team
(1) the tester
(1) TimeLine
(1) What else? CListCtrl!
(1) Project Board
(1) project manager
(1) SQL between visual basic
(1) SQL relation visual basic
(1) The design/functional spec
(1) Da Boss
(1) Me!
(1) my PM