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Comments by King Fisher (Top 200 by date)

King Fisher 31-Jul-19 3:21am View    
Hi Maciej,
yeah, didn't get chance actually.
I'm good, thanks.
King Fisher 11-Jul-19 8:31am View    
Hi Maciej,
how are you ? Thanks for the reply, I see the autovacuumis on in db. Its not about only shrink database. If I remove the old data, my production db will have only 2 years data, which is less, so there will be a improvement in the system performance.
King Fisher 17-Jan-19 5:57am View    
Thanks, Its resolved long back
King Fisher 30-Sep-17 3:27am View    
generate new token, and try with that.
King Fisher 7-Aug-17 7:24am View    
Its a nice one.