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Member 10297003 7-Apr-14 4:49am View    
Thanks Sir, for your link and I will try it.
Member 10297003 21-Nov-13 13:34pm View    
Thanks you Sir! I have already seen your links now. But it exactly know parameter name like as @ID, @CardID are value parameters and @Age, @Bonus are output parameters. When I add cmd.Parameter.Add from SPParams by looping, I can't know exactly which parameter is value para or output para. Because I have no exactly count of parameter when I call ReturnProcedure like that
ReturnPorcedure("Proc1", vID, vName, vAge);
ReturnPorcedure("Proc2", vCardID, vCode, vStartDate, vExperience, vBonus);
How can I get vAge for first calling sql procedure name is Proc1 and vExperience, vBonus for second calling Proc2. How can I catch the value of vAge from Proc1 and vExperience, vBonus from Proc2. Thanks for your kindness. I want to try more and more because the helping of members of codeproject.
Member 10297003 14-Nov-13 12:30pm View    
Dear EiThuThu,
How do you solve that? Now I have problem like that in zawgyi font. Please! help me if you can. Thanks you.
Member 10297003 11-Nov-13 23:26pm View    
Hi! thatraja
Sorry I have a trip so I can't know your reply for show code. Now I will show my code.
Member 10297003 26-Sep-13 0:38am View    
I mean textbox and checkbox are inside gridview.After DataGridViewCheckBox is checked, DataGridViewTextBox set focus and fill data.Thanks for your interesting to my question.Please help me.Thanks.