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Maximilien 5-Jul-21 8:24am View
Thanks Richard, I also needed to change the "Build Action" of the resources in project settings for the file.
Maximilien 1-Nov-16 15:17pm View
that works, but why the original warning ?
Maximilien 21-Jun-16 13:25pm View
Thanks Richard, that pretty sums up the situation.
Maximilien 21-Jun-16 12:50pm View
But I cannot get the web site favicon ? I can't see my dad do this if he wants to.
Maximilien 21-Jun-16 12:46pm View
it is a usage question, not a programming question.( AFAIK, dad does not program).
Maximilien 17-Aug-15 15:39pm View
Oh crap!!! I don't deserve to be in front of a computer today ... Thanks!!!
Maximilien 10-Feb-15 13:29pm View
Thanks Richard,
The issue was the PATH environment variable that was scrapped and was missing the default windows 7 paths (see Chill's answer above)
Maximilien 10-Feb-15 13:28pm View
Thanks, I believe that was the problem. all the default paths (%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem) were not in the PATH environment variables.
If you want to put that as a real answer, then I can accept it.
Maximilien 10-Feb-15 11:33am View

All of the above does not work (well, the reg/unreg worked, but recompile my code gave the same errors in x64).
sfc did not work report anything particular (Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.)

I will reboot (probably the 50th time today) and see if it works.

(I'm still looking into CHill60 question)
Maximilien 10-Feb-15 10:54am View
No change. It (same code) compiles in 32bits, but not in 64 bits.
Maximilien 28-Nov-14 11:15am View
Thanks CP..
I know about the const and/or the & ...
Maximilien 12-Sep-14 10:37am View
Thanks, I was toying with the idea of using a bool for the values (not just double values).
Maximilien 12-May-14 13:12pm View
yes. because at each iteration a test is done to see if the iteration will be run or not.
Maximilien 19-Dec-13 7:12am View
Without proper performance requirements, I can only suggest c++. The time and effort to learn and program a proper Assembly program will break your schedule and will probably not be as optimum as a properly written C++ program.
Maximilien 15-Dec-13 9:24am View
you'd better ask the person who wrote that "statement"
Maximilien 14-Dec-13 13:33pm View
what does "songs should be played on compiler" mean ?
Maximilien 28-Oct-13 21:40pm View
Nope, the image is a color image.
Maximilien 28-Oct-13 10:46am View
If I change the 3rd argument to GL_RED, the texture is only using the red channel, the 3rd argument is the format of the texture, not the format of the loaded file. ???
Maximilien 16-Oct-13 14:46pm View
Why? because higher authorities asked to looked into it. another why, is that when using (newly discovered) CContextMenuManager::TrackPopupMenu it seems to work in the Y direction, but not in the X direction (i.e. if the context menu is too low in the screen, it will be pop up above the cursor instead of below.

Anyway, this is minor stuff... Thanks.
Maximilien 16-Oct-13 12:14pm View
Then the whole world implodes.
Maximilien 15-Oct-13 11:52am View
No there is no heap in there. all member of the class will be safely allocated when the class itself is allocated.

If you really want to allocate the class on the heap :
student* aStudent = new student; // do not forget to call delete.
or better yet (if you use c++11 )
std::unique_ptr<student> aStudent(new student); // memory will be freed when going out of scope.
Maximilien 2-Oct-13 15:58pm View
What output did you expect ?



the count is incremented in the constructor so, after the line
foo f1, f2, f3;
the constructor will be called 3 times, thus count == 3.
Maximilien 2-Oct-13 15:54pm View
This works as expected on Visual Studio 2008; what compiler are you using ?
Maximilien 18-Sep-13 18:39pm View
Ah, nice solution!!! will look into that tomorrow.
currently the solution using regex_search and regex_replace works, but I will try your idea.

Maximilien 14-Sep-13 12:01pm View
Thanks, I stand corrected! :-) will edit my answer to redirect it to yours!
Maximilien 29-Aug-13 11:50am View
Do not strive to learn "fast", just learn to do it "good".
Maximilien 10-Jul-13 8:44am View
What do you pass as a function parameter ? a CString ? a std::string/wstring ? a char* a TCHAR ?
Is your project set to use UNICODE ?
Maximilien 4-Jul-13 6:44am View
Hve you tried the "wizard" mode of a property sheet (
Maximilien 29-Jun-13 15:04pm View
Well, DUH, , gcc is the C compiler ans g++ is the C++ compiler...
Maximilien 26-Jun-13 9:54am View
Are you asking about placing a breakpoint when the button is clicked ? or asking about how to call a callback when the button is clicked ?
Maximilien 18-Jun-13 13:48pm View
I suggest to ask question to your lecturer, re-read your notes, review all exercises that you should have done before this one.
I assume you know how chess works, how pieces are placed and how they "move" on the board.
It can be a good idea to write everything down on paper, the board, the initial state, the pieces positions, and then you simulate how the pieces move.
Good luck.
Maximilien 18-Jun-13 9:45am View
You could use a multiline editbox; you need to set the selection at the end of the current text, and replace the text at this point (see this
Maximilien 6-Jun-13 13:12pm View
A non-issue, see the update I wrote at the top of the question. Thanks.
Maximilien 29-May-13 14:19pm View
Who is sergio ? and if this was part of an article here on CodeProject, why did you not ask the question in the article's discussion area ?
Maximilien 22-May-13 8:42am View
Since this is tagged as C++ , I would suggest using a vector of string instead of arrays of char*; it will help you a lot.
Maximilien 7-May-13 11:13am View
have a look at this :
Maximilien 6-May-13 8:43am View
What color will you choose from a white pixel ? or from a black pixel ? will you generate random colors ?
Maximilien 1-May-13 8:23am View
Dear mother of god!!!
Maximilien 25-Apr-13 11:10am View
check what ?
Does this link help?
Maximilien 23-Apr-13 13:54pm View
What does this function do ? looks like it opens a file ?
Why is it called 1000 times per seconds ? how is it called ? in a loop ?

Can you show us a little bit more code because the question does not make sense at all right now !
Maximilien 22-Apr-13 10:33am View
What was the problem and what did you do to fix it ?
Maximilien 25-Mar-13 16:15pm View
Well, an EXE can be "called" with ShellExecuteEx or "system".
Maximilien 12-Mar-13 9:03am View
not an answer, but a good start :
Maximilien 6-Mar-13 10:01am View
I don't think you can see it with the Visual Studio Compiler (check the different compilation options); it might be possible with gcc/g++ (have a look at this : )
Maximilien 25-Feb-13 13:23pm View
can you show the code you are using ?
Maximilien 19-Feb-13 8:34am View
Default arguments are evil, more so for "complex" data like vectors/arrays.

Maximilien 18-Feb-13 11:14am View
Show us the code
(edit your original question).
Maximilien 31-Jan-13 9:26am View
What have you tried so far ? what did your google searches returned ?
Maximilien 29-Jan-13 13:06pm View
Nice answer; just enough explanation and code to help without spoon feeding.
Maximilien 28-Jan-13 15:48pm View
Huh ? what do you mean by "single selection" ?
by definition, a radio button does not work alone, it must be used with at least one other radio button ( to be able to select one and only one option in a group.
Do you want to use the "round" radio button style as a simple checkbox instead of the "square" shape ?
Maximilien 23-Jan-13 15:41pm View
Why would you want to still use an antiquated compiler ? Fix your code.
You should link your application statically to not have to depend on DLL; if that is not possible then you need to install runtimes on target machines.
Maximilien 23-Jan-13 15:20pm View
Did you type in this or did you pasted the code ?
There are too many "obvious" errors that it does not make sense to look for "trick" errors.
Please edit and correct the code to the actual question.
Maximilien 17-Jan-13 10:15am View
What panel ? What user control ?

Are you using Win32? MFC? or any other user interface (GUI) toolkit ?
Maximilien 16-Jan-13 12:21pm View
What in real life interest you? do something with that.
Maximilien 4-Jan-13 9:14am View
Have you only tested in DEBUG or have you tried in RELEASE ? There will be a HUGE difference between the 2 versions.
Maximilien 2-Jan-13 14:05pm View
Oh, yes ... I have something to add.
Was all of this (lambdas, ... ) well defined and implemented in the VS2010 compiler ?
Maximilien 2-Jan-13 14:04pm View
Funny, the second code snipped crashes the compiler on VS2012 (Release Candidate, july version).
(nothing else to add, sorry).
Maximilien 2-Jan-13 7:30am View
I don't think you can.
Maximilien 30-Dec-12 9:48am View
Have a look at the scribble MFC sample/tutorial ...
Maximilien 17-Dec-12 6:44am View
The current framework (MFC?) does restrict the number of buttons on the toolbar; The user can (if enabled) even customize his toolbars to add more buttons.
Maximilien 13-Dec-12 6:20am View
The source code is available, you could add the support for user defined font size and submit it to the code owner so that he can include it in the next release
Maximilien 13-Dec-12 6:18am View
When coding in C++ there are no reason (*) to use char arrays; use std::string instead.
(*) YES, I know there are situations where you need to use char arrays and char*, but in this example, and when learning C++ one must use the proper ways.
Maximilien 12-Dec-12 8:28am View
What is PLC ?
Can't you just use a CEditBox ?
Maximilien 12-Dec-12 7:11am View
How is creating a tooltip helps in any way the orginal question ?
Maximilien 7-Dec-12 18:10pm View
Thanks, I will look at those scenarios next week, I think I understand better (scenario A).
Maximilien 7-Dec-12 18:09pm View
I can read the description, but I was looking for a test case to demonstrate why it should be used.
Maximilien 5-Dec-12 9:59am View
I think the "auto" keyword is only implemented in VS2012.
Maximilien 29-Nov-12 7:29am View
Nice, will check that out when I get to work.
Maximilien 23-Nov-12 19:51pm View
Simula is still used ? even in academic context ?
Maximilien 20-Nov-12 12:57pm View
Can you show us a sample of messages you get?
Maximilien 15-Nov-12 10:49am View
IMO, You answer will not help at all.

How is declaring a static array answering the original question? There are multiple ways, even in plain old C to allocate dynamic arrays(malloc and realloc) , and in C++ to have better and more foolproof ways of doing it (new xor std::vector).
Maximilien 12-Nov-12 10:41am View
what file you want to reduce in size ? are you talking about file compression ?
Maximilien 8-Nov-12 9:13am View
I wished I had an answer for you! this looks like a fun project.
Maximilien 7-Nov-12 8:31am View
I will not do your work for you.
Maximilien 1-Nov-12 8:47am View
Surprised google did not get a hit on CMFCFontComboBox ? it is part of MFC :
Maximilien 26-Oct-12 6:48am View
I'd say C++ with OpenGL or DirectX.

What domain are you interested in ? entertaining (games/movies) ? engineering (CAD/CAM) ?
Maximilien 18-Oct-12 7:30am View
Edit the original question ...

the best answer I can give you is to read this :
Maximilien 11-Oct-12 13:30pm View
Why don't you ask in the article discussion area (at the bottom).
Maximilien 23-Aug-12 6:26am View
what is the use of pStringArray ? what are you trying to do ?
Maximilien 16-Aug-12 9:48am View
How are threads different in Metro compared to Windows 7 ?
Maximilien 2-Aug-12 7:16am View

I does not break in the debugger, so no call stack.
The report in the meesage area does not show context (line/file/function/method), so I cannot easily find out why it crashes,
anyway, the question was more about the ASSERT_VALID not breaking than debugging.
Maximilien 1-Aug-12 11:44am View
Yes, will have to look into that.


Will report back when I find something useful.
Maximilien 1-Aug-12 11:24am View
oh !!!! yes! ( I will edit the original posts!!) thanks for that.
Maximilien 1-Aug-12 10:49am View
Well the ASSERT_VALID does not stop the debugger, that is why I'm asking the question.
Maximilien 23-Jul-12 7:30am View
or use GetWindowText on your edit box
Maximilien 22-Jul-12 7:52am View
so, you want to hack a game !!!
Maximilien 21-Jul-12 7:22am View
Does the library/DLL support VC6 ?
Maximilien 20-Jul-12 6:04am View
When the vector is resized, there will be a copy, and in the new implementation of C++ the move operator will be used (I'm certain I've seen a video about that made by Stephan T. Lavavej of Microsoft )
Maximilien 17-Jul-12 8:48am View
You wan to use the cursor of an application (that you don't own?) in a Java application ?
Maximilien 16-Jul-12 15:41pm View
mostly yes.
Maximilien 16-Jul-12 15:40pm View
Maximilien 10-Jul-12 13:27pm View

Maximilien 28-Jun-12 7:26am View
You cannot edit a playing mp3 file; you need to convert it to "wav"

open the mp3 file, decompress to WAV, edit the WAV data to your liking and re-save to MP3 after that (you will loose precision and audio quality)

as a suggestion, have a look at the Audacity source code (I'll leave googling as an exercise).
Maximilien 20-Jun-12 14:48pm View
the doc on MSDN says to use IMPLEMENT_SERIAL :
Maximilien 20-Jun-12 11:16am View
Yes. forgot about that.
Maximilien 19-Jun-12 10:53am View
Yep, I meant to write SendInput (it's not an API I use often,or at all).
Maximilien 19-Jun-12 10:49am View
What is the "top" of your application? the title bar ?

Have a look at the application resources, you can change a lot of things there (application icons, bitmaps, ... )

Are you talking about a splash screen? or display the logo as part of the background of the application ?

Please, look up the definition of a "splash screen", is that what you want ?
Maximilien 16-Jun-12 9:20am View
Can we have a little bit of context ? what excel file ? what c++ code ?
Maximilien 5-Jun-12 14:03pm View
IMO, Rapid Prototyping is not the same as Rapid Application Development.
Maximilien 5-Jun-12 11:53am View
Is it? I've seen it in the recent native C++ Metro/Win8 code for C++/CX which is native C++ (not managed) and supported by Herb Sutter (who is a native C++ guru).
Maximilien 3-Jun-12 19:42pm View
If you are a C# programmer, this should not be a hard problem.
Maximilien 22-May-12 10:17am View
"space" is a delimiter.
Maximilien 22-May-12 8:57am View
What is an npd file?
from which software does it come from?
Is it ascii/binary?
Do you need to display the data to the user? (i assume so, if you have to add headers)
What platform/SDK are you using? Windows/MFC/STL ?
Maximilien 16-May-12 12:23pm View
I'm not certain what you are asking; are you asking for a corpus of probable/potential errors ?
Maximilien 8-May-12 13:57pm View
@enhzflep, edited how ? what ?
Maximilien 7-May-12 8:23am View
Is there an event while moving the mouse over an menu separator (talking about the thin line that can be inserted in a menu between to menu items)?

As far as I know, it could just be a graphic element.
Maximilien 30-Apr-12 15:05pm View
With a lot of work and a lot of programming experience.
Maximilien 18-Apr-12 15:12pm View
Since your are coding in c++, you should use std::string instead of char arrays.

safer and cleaner.
Maximilien 5-Apr-12 8:23am View
No one enjoy reading Knuth's books, it is torture on a high level.
It is written in antiquated manner and even if the fundamentals are still valid, its presentation makes it useless ; it is not a educational book.
Maximilien 1-Apr-12 16:47pm View
look/google for "3d reconstruction from 2D images".

It's not an easy topic.
Maximilien 31-Mar-12 15:05pm View
wikipedia looks to be a good start on the subject.
Maximilien 27-Mar-12 10:56am View
What issues do you have with tweeking/improving the example you cited ?
Maximilien 21-Mar-12 8:23am View
what does that mathlab function do?
Maximilien 14-Mar-12 12:29pm View
If the button has the focus, it should automatically respond to the enter and space keys.
Maximilien 14-Mar-12 9:04am View
how about recreating the brush with a new color ?
Maximilien 13-Mar-12 14:25pm View
have you looked at CWnd::OnCtlColor ? this is what is used to change the background of a dialog...
Maximilien 13-Mar-12 9:08am View
too much code, please try to edit to post only significative code
Maximilien 13-Mar-12 9:06am View
compiles ok on VS2008, the error must be somewhere else.
Maximilien 11-Mar-12 8:16am View
what platform ? Windows (win32, MFC, Winforms) ? Linux (qt?) ? Mac ?
Maximilien 7-Mar-12 13:55pm View
Zoom which window and in background of what ?
Maximilien 7-Mar-12 13:07pm View
good answer.
Maximilien 7-Mar-12 6:44am View
Technically, yes, it will/can work, but do you really want to inflict that kind of User Interface to your users ?
Maximilien 6-Mar-12 17:10pm View
Well, you will have to create a function that will get the new values from where ever the values come from. if the GetTCPConn set up the initial values, then you should do something similar.
Maximilien 4-Mar-12 12:59pm View
(see the thread I created a couple of days ago :
Maximilien 1-Mar-12 13:21pm View
All experiences with irregular shaped dialogs and windows resulted in failures.
Maximilien 28-Feb-12 22:33pm View
AFAIK, assembly is the least portable code ever.
Maximilien 28-Feb-12 14:36pm View
It should all be there in the documentation, and there are many, many examples and tutorials on the web.

Learn to use the documentation, it is very useful.

I assume your learning is part of a course, then there should text and examples already available for you to use, also, talk to your friends and ask questions to your teacher and/or lab assistant.

Good luck.
Maximilien 28-Feb-12 14:07pm View
yeah, I don't think I'm ready to replace OpenGL with DirectX.(might be a good exercise though ... )
Maximilien 27-Feb-12 14:27pm View
When you change the radius of a sphere, it will stay a sphere.
Maximilien 24-Feb-12 16:23pm View
Can you translate that into "pseudo-code" ?
Do you know the "equivalent" in c++ ?
how do you read numbers from the keyboard into a string ?
how do you iterate ( loop) the input string ?
how do you print out the individual number ?

Help us help you, do something, we'll not give you the whole code.
Maximilien 24-Feb-12 10:59am View
The antivirus should be run as administrator ("system"?) so, powerusers should not be able to kill the process;I tried at work, where I'm a local administrator, while, I assume, the antivirus runs with the domain administrator permissions and I cannot kill the processes.
Maximilien 24-Feb-12 9:53am View
The most important question is why you want to prevent people to kill your process? It does not make sense, you do not want to hijack a computer like that; and I'm certain the users do not want that either.
Maximilien 22-Feb-12 16:05pm View
(stupid question) Can you buy the MFC libraries as a stand-alone pack ?
Maximilien 22-Feb-12 8:39am View
Nice, but it's missing a lambda or two in there! :-)
Maximilien 20-Feb-12 15:24pm View
There is no f0_55 in the code you just posted; I need more to help you.

Please post relevant code (don't forget to copy and paste code with the {} ).
Maximilien 20-Feb-12 14:02pm View
I'm not certain I understand what you mean by "if want have this vector with complete data how must use that in f0" ?

I think it depends on what you intend to do with the vectors in the f0 function, if it only to "read" from it, pass the vector by "const reference", if you want to modify it pass it by reference.
Be careful with the "=" when dealing with vectors, are you certain you want to copy (duplicate) the entire vector (and data)?
Maximilien 20-Feb-12 13:52pm View
Always use better programming practices: use vector instead of C arrays.
Maximilien 13-Feb-12 6:28am View
Why do you want to delete the setup 7
Maximilien 10-Feb-12 13:38pm View
As soon as you put something "out there" you take the risk that someone will steal/borrow/use your ideas.

Just apply for a patent on your "technology" (even if the application is public (I think it is, you will have proof that you did it first), do a good business plan, present your ideas to investors (with non-disclosure clauses), and see how it works out.
Maximilien 10-Feb-12 12:51pm View
When you say "journal", are you talking about an article in a peer-review scientific publication or a blog or something else ?
Maximilien 4-Feb-12 16:56pm View
Are you able to load each project and build them individually ?
Maximilien 1-Feb-12 14:15pm View
compilation error or runtime error ?
Maximilien 27-Jan-12 10:05am View
compilation errors or runtime errors ?
If compilation errors,then they should be listed in the UI.
If runtime errors, then you should be able to debug your program by starting the debug (F5)
Maximilien 23-Jan-12 14:12pm View
(I'm using VS2008, adapt to whatever version of visual studio you are using).

In your project, you should have an active project (in bold in the "solution explorer); right-click on the "bold" title (*), there should be a menu entry called "Add" and in that sub-menu, a "Existing Item..." menu entry, just click that and select the appropriate files to add to your project.

You will probably have to check the include files are valid ...

Compile, fix compiler and linter errors ...

(*) You could also use VS's menubar "Project" and click on "add existing items...".
Maximilien 16-Jan-12 11:14am View
In my opinion, if you still need to use older compiler that do not support new language features, DO NOT use the new language features and mix'n'match code and write ugly pre-processor that will make the code harder to read, write and debug.
Maximilien 4-Jan-12 15:01pm View
what is isolated storage ? Ok, I looked it up... do not have a clue, AFAIK, you need to use c++ with .net (don't know what it is called these days).
Maximilien 3-Jan-12 8:44am View
How is the makefile created ?
From a quick google, it would seems that if the compiler/linker does not support the "--build-id" option it will generate warning.
Maximilien 26-Dec-11 7:39am View
that looks like a "bit torrent" technology...
Maximilien 20-Dec-11 8:55am View
Why do you Sleep 1 sec (1000 ms) in getFreqFrom__rdtsc?
Maximilien 19-Dec-11 13:15pm View
Well, first, you should at least tell us what kind of errors you get, and second you should try to fix them yourself.
I would assume that your DevC++ installation suffers from missing includes and libraries ( don't forget to download the microsoft platform SDK and maybe(?) the directX stuff)
Maximilien 1-Dec-11 14:15pm View
A good start : (The easiest answer).
Other than that, I've got no clue.
Maximilien 29-Nov-11 14:48pm View
well, it's a good exercise, not perfect, but a good start.
Maximilien 25-Nov-11 9:05am View
debug or release version ? There can be a big memory usage (and performance) difference between both.
Maximilien 9-Nov-11 10:28am View
What is the criterion to know where to split the file ? file size ? number of words/lines ? keywords ?
Maximilien 9-Nov-11 10:27am View
didn't the op just want to split a text file in smaller files ?
Maximilien 8-Nov-11 8:21am View
"As a test to a problem at client site; I have been asked to port this back to VS2003."

Why, why , why ??? that kind of request does not make sense at all. the compiler of VS2003 is not as good as the one in VS2010.
If the code does not run as expected with the compiler of VS2010, then there are issues in your code that need fixing.

Maximilien 7-Nov-11 15:55pm View
I did not wanted to post it as an answer because I have not completely read it yet, and found it by googling; heck, I'm not even certain if it really relates to the original question.
Maximilien 7-Nov-11 13:18pm View
this : (PDF file) ?
Maximilien 2-Nov-11 15:47pm View
well, well,well...
Maximilien 2-Nov-11 14:13pm View
Yeah, just figured that out (engine vs. DLL/lib code)
In any cases, if you want to call mathlab functions you will still need to link to mathlab dll/libs, and you will need to already have them , and if you ship to customers, you will need to ship mathlab dll/lib to clients (royalties, one-time fees,...)
Maximilien 1-Nov-11 8:44am View
just print X number of "space" before each line of text.
Maximilien 30-Oct-11 17:59pm View
Maximilien 26-Oct-11 15:05pm View
Maximilien 26-Oct-11 14:05pm View
what is RBFS ?
Maximilien 25-Oct-11 13:41pm View
May I suggest you try using something more modern like GDI ? I think TurboC and "graphics.h" are meant for 16 bit system.
Or just not use windows if you cannot get at least the express version of Visual Studio and jump to Linux (one of the many variants) and learn those technologies instead.
Maximilien 20-Oct-11 9:19am View
Maximilien 19-Oct-11 10:51am View
open the file in notepad and check it out.
Maximilien 19-Oct-11 7:37am View
Isn't that supposed to automatic ? ( I will check when I get to work)
Maximilien 19-Oct-11 7:36am View
Show us the code you use to write to the file (ONLY the few lines that format and write the float values).
Are you using STL (stream) or sprintf to format the float to the string ?
How are you viewing the result ? in notepad or in excel (for example) ?
Maximilien 5-Oct-11 11:13am View
Yep, freeze part of the list so that it does not scroll.
Maximilien 4-Oct-11 7:27am View
does that even compile ? I THINK NOT.
Maximilien 4-Oct-11 7:25am View
It breaks because you are adding the string to the list box BEFORE the call to DoModal().

Pass the data (or the pointer to the class T) to the dialog class and fill the listbox IN the OnInitDialog method AFTER the call to the base class CDialog::OnInitDialog().
Maximilien 2-Oct-11 10:34am View
You cannot add the string to the list box in the dialog before it (the dialog) is created by DoModal.

Pass the data to the dialog class and add the strings in the OnInitDialog.
Maximilien 22-Sep-11 11:52am View
The CListBox cannot live by itself, it must be included and created in either a dialog or another window.

The CListBox cannot be used in a "normal" non UI class (non deriving from at least CCommandTarget, i think).

You will need to split the UI from the actual data.

Review what you want to do ... because it does not make sens.
Maximilien 14-Sep-11 15:21pm View
It looks to be a quite complex algorithm.
What have you done up to now in trying to understand and prepare coding on the subject ?
Does your course notes and documentation have a basic algorithm that you can use to code ?
What about asking your class mates or teachers/teaching assistants ?
Maximilien 14-Sep-11 15:11pm View
If the application is "worthy" it will be hacked and broken into; don't loose sleep over it.
Maximilien 6-Sep-11 13:08pm View
(Just asking)
Do you create projects and change configurations that often that you need automation ?
Maximilien 2-Sep-11 11:35am View
The Dragon Fire SDK allow doing iPhone/iPad development on Windows.
Maximilien 1-Sep-11 13:01pm View
Just resign from that class and concentrate on other classes.
Maximilien 31-Aug-11 13:05pm View
The list will probably not be refreshed because the other functions calls after adding the items will block the list refresh.
Maximilien 25-Aug-11 11:25am View
yep, I did it in order of modifications to the original code.
Maximilien 25-Aug-11 11:24am View
it's a pointer to a pointer. (too short for a real answer).
Maximilien 17-Aug-11 11:17am View
Show us some sample code and errors ... we cannot help you further ... nothing too extensive, just a couple of lines.

If you can reproduce the errors with CString, then please show us the code, 2, 3 lines should be enough; it's quite a basic MFC class and should no be that broken between VC6 and VS2010.

What Win32 API are different and cause compilation errors ? if you do not tell us, we cannot help you further;

Did you look at the documentation ? what does MSDN say about those Win32 API ? did the signature changed ? did the link changed ?

Remember that between VC6 and VS2010 a lot of things happened, and as other wrote, the compiler was crap and non-standard.

Maximilien 16-Aug-11 15:35pm View
well, if some API changes (deprecated or even removed) you will have to change the code.

We've ported MFC/Win32 applications from VC6 to VS2008 (and in the process of doing VS2010) with no real problem, but we could change the code whenever compilation errors and new compilation warnings appeared.

When you say your simplest test failed to compile and link, can you show us some of the errors ? or sample code that will generate the errors ?

Good luck.
Maximilien 15-Aug-11 15:35pm View
Reason for my vote of 4
The best way...
Maximilien 15-Aug-11 11:50am View
Technology is not that important. Once you know how to do the task, you can use whatever you want. Today I would probably not go "lower" than GDI+
Depending if you do "manage" or not, you will be better using one or the other technology.
Maximilien 12-Aug-11 8:50am View
You should check what SDK crystalfontz offers.
Maximilien 8-Aug-11 12:38pm View
You need to manually code the "link" of a user action to be able to show the new "form"

What are the "forms" you are using ? dialogs ? views ? property sheets ?

Maximilien 4-Aug-11 10:07am View
I would assume MSDN has tutorial about Direct3D in an MDI or SDI application (they should be the same)
Maximilien 3-Aug-11 11:44am View
On VS2008 the destructor gets called; I would assume it does get called in every modern C++ compilter.
Put a breakpoint in the destructor; it should be triggered.
Maximilien 3-Aug-11 8:12am View
Header corner/Row Header of what ?

Put more context in the question please.
Maximilien 2-Aug-11 15:40pm View
what is fmCreate ?
Maximilien 30-Jul-11 10:39am View
The same way you pass a pointer to a function that will modify it : by passing a pointer to the pointer or a reference to the pointer.

void f( node** list );
void f( node*& list );
// or is it ? (I don't remember).
void f(node &* list );

Maximilien 27-Jul-11 10:56am View
while exists in C++ ... or something changed since yesterday.
Maximilien 26-Jul-11 9:04am View
what platform ? using visual studio ?
what px and pn ? visible where in the debugger ?
Maximilien 26-Jul-11 8:51am View
Use a STL vector. I'm too buzy to write a whole solution this morning, but that should give you a good start.
Maximilien 23-Jul-11 18:04pm View
probably homework ... what is the question exactly ?
Maximilien 21-Jul-11 14:28pm View
Maximilien 21-Jul-11 11:52am View
what is null routing ?
Maximilien 21-Jul-11 9:25am View
Nope, it I type "toto" (no extension) in the file name field and press OK, the filename will still be "toto"; if I change filter the filename still stays "toto".
As for the filter string, that's why I wrote "simplified"...