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Member 10398773 6-Sep-17 11:41am View    
You are accessing it via GET and thats why you are getting 404 .Decorate you method as below with HttpPost attribute

[WebMethod(EnableSession = true)]
public static string populate_User()

BLL_Users objusr_BLL = new BLL_Users();
return objpractice_BLL.Fetch_UserList();

catch (Exception ex)


Member 10398773 6-Sep-17 9:15am View    
What error are you getting on your console?Open mozzila or chrome and check the error which is displayed on the console.
Member 10398773 7-Jun-16 2:53am View    
Okay .I tried and used below code
public static string GetPass<t>(string pass) where T : Encoding, new()
var encoder = new T();
byte[] buffer = encoder.GetBytes(pass);
SHA256CryptoServiceProvider cryptoTransformSHA256 = new SHA256CryptoServiceProvider();
var result = BitConverter.ToString(cryptoTransformSHA256.ComputeHash(buffer)).Replace("-", "");
return result;
and this still doesnt authenticate.I tried same in java and got something similar like ZjdiNmExZDc1ODY0OTA4ZTFmNWI4OWEwMTdlMDBmYWY4MGQyNjIzZjIxMzkyNzNjNDk4NTBjMmIwMzEzYTYxMw== and in c# i got F7B6A1D76864908E1F5B89A016E00FAF80D2623F2139273C49850C2B0313A613 .I guess we should be getting something similarbut not the case
Member 10398773 3-Jun-16 3:32am View    
Hi,Below is the complete instructions:
The password should have parameters (MERCHANT¬_ID, passkey, TIMESTAMP) encrypted using base64_encode and hashed using sha256.
Example below shows the order of parameters and how it should be done
$passkey = passkey provided by SAG
$TIMESTAMP = TIMESTAMP at merchants checkout page.
NOTE: The same should be passed to the SAG as part of CheckOutHeader input.
$PASSWORD = base64_encode(hash("sha256", $MERCHANT_ID $passkey $TIMESTAMP));
The result of the SHA254 Hash should be in capital letters.

From the above explanation,what i understand is,to get the password to parse in my request,i will concatenate the parameters merchantId+passkey+timestamp and then i apply my encryption algorithm to do the encyrption of plain password.
That's how i am understanding it.The above is the provided sample in php
Member 10398773 26-Mar-16 8:15am View    
You can get the name of currently logged in user and replace it in your code.Like for example dim user as string then say user=Page.User.Identity.Name