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jaket-cp 26-Jan-22 4:19am View
as long as it is an good solution it shouldn't matter - change of policy a few years back
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 9:30am View
oops - I thought you were the original poster
this time I done it correct though :)
been away from codeproject for ages
yep sorry
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 8:49am View
have a read of this answer it might help
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 5:51am View
It would help if the hmtl markup was also supplied in the question.
Also really depends on how the image is linked to the dialog box.
Assuming the image click opens different dialog box tables with the checkboxes.
This is usually performed with the elements unique id.
Can the dialog box id be determined before hand?
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 5:42am View
created a fiddle and your answer is getting the expected results
As Patrice T said - what do you not understand
jaket-cp 11-Jun-21 5:29am View
here is a url link to more strings
jaket-cp 17-Jun-19 5:04am View
? liquid helium - mri
jaket-cp 10-May-19 4:07am View
nice 5ed
jaket-cp 9-May-19 8:35am View
nice solution - my 5
very similar to mine - but you beat me to it :)
jaket-cp 1-Apr-19 12:12pm View
my 5 :)
jaket-cp 1-Apr-19 12:11pm View
just for curiosity
could you not use
pro_price BETWEEN 1000 AND 5000
jaket-cp 26-Feb-19 4:53am View
nice my 5 :)
jaket-cp 22-Feb-19 8:30am View
I believe Maciej Los wants to know if the times (start and end) - can it be for example 9:35AM

Also can the start and end times span over days?
jaket-cp 15-Jan-19 7:08am View
done a google search for
python int isdigit
From the link
isdigit() works only for strings
jaket-cp 11-Jan-19 5:00am View
Agreed +5
Just a small point - if the op wants to save client side they could use the following
jaket-cp 11-Jan-19 4:53am View
Looking at the foreach loops
If first condition true (location and item type match)
when DataTable A row "Type" != "GRN"
and DataTable B row "Type" != "STK_ADJ"
I think a row of following will be produced:
| Location | Item Type | AmountA | AmountB | Type |
| A | A | | | |
Is this what you expect?

Another question:
If first condition true (location and item type match)
when DataTable A row "Type" == "GRN"
you want a row added?
when DataTable B row "Type" == "STK_ADJ"
you want a row added?

If that is the case, when testing for them - add new row for each true condition
jaket-cp 11-Jan-19 4:22am View
did you check the fiddle
I changed the input type from text to email for input id txtEmail.

Also if you click on the 'Reply' button - then codeproject will inform the user they have a message reply or something.
jaket-cp 11-Jan-19 4:15am View
ok - agree with you entirely - new rules, new game :)
happy coding
jaket-cp 11-Jan-19 4:12am View
oh okay - new rules :)
jaket-cp 9-Jan-19 11:08am View
added to a fiddle and change the type to email
have a look
jaket-cp 9-Jan-19 10:54am View
Having a quick look at the code - I assume validateEmail($(this)); is not being called as the Markup
[input class="form-control" type="text" id="txtEmail" name="txtEmail" required /]
type is text and not email
jaket-cp 9-Jan-19 10:43am View
Also its an answer for a question made in 2016 :)
jaket-cp 15-Dec-18 3:03am View
glad to help :)
jaket-cp 12-Dec-18 7:34am View
nice +5, multiple backgrounds - whoever new?
jaket-cp 19-Sep-18 6:04am View
have you looked at LIKE?
Have a read of
Practice Exercise #1:

oh right - re-read your question - you need to use a string function of some sort
jaket-cp 19-Sep-18 5:41am View
Looking at the error message - put another way - it says attempting to insert null into

Check to see what you are getting for
Select @RevisionNo = RevisionNo+1 from tblEmployeeMaster where SID=@EmpSid

Assuming it is getting to this part of the query
jaket-cp 12-Sep-18 4:57am View
ok that's good :)
jaket-cp 12-Sep-18 4:40am View
not used for some time
When assigning variable as string, should it be as follows:
Dim inputpath As String = TextBox1.Text
jaket-cp 12-Sep-18 4:31am View
what is the value of inputpath (TextBox1.Text)
and is the value of inputpath a local path to input media file
jaket-cp 10-Jul-18 10:10am View
yep I did - I replied to the first comment and not yours
jaket-cp 6-Jul-18 4:54am View
oh right - you want the query to get dynamic columns to put in the pivot query.
From my understanding it is not possible.
if you do a google search
you will see that is how it is done

I use similar technique to do dynamic pivots.
jaket-cp 6-Jul-18 4:46am View
jaket-cp 6-Jul-18 4:10am View
print it and you can see the final static query

print @query;
jaket-cp 26-Jun-18 3:21am View
glad to help - but I see that Solution 1 is good, he gets my 5+
jaket-cp 22-Jun-18 8:11am View
what is pdfWriter?
jaket-cp 22-Jun-18 8:05am View
You should be able to do it in SQL - something like this (untested):
when gr.roomno is null then ''
else 'R'
end AmIReserved
from room_master rm
left join guestreservation gr
on rm.roomno = gr.roomno
and cast(getdate() as date) = cast(arrivaldate as date)
jaket-cp 12-Jun-18 8:50am View
sounds like web scraping is what you want
jaket-cp 25-May-18 12:30pm View
you can use JavaScriptSerializer to serialize a List<Dictionary<String, Object>>
jaket-cp 23-May-18 12:20pm View
never tried that search myself - lol
jaket-cp 17-May-18 5:49am View
words of advice from solution 1 and 2 are good.
Here is a quick jsfiddle I knocked up so you can see how you could potentially do it in javascript
if you go through this one and see whats going on - there is a next installment of the fiddle to do a count of the letters
happy coding :)
jaket-cp 17-May-18 5:21am View
Or you could declare @projektId to store the projektId and used that as an insert for each record
jaket-cp 10-Oct-17 8:28am View
How does/do cover_id, file and TestCase relate to each other?
jaket-cp 9-Oct-17 4:40am View
What else does the emoji click do?
I ask as if it is only related to the TextArea - you could hide the emoji on the server side when TextArea is being disabled.
jaket-cp 5-Oct-17 7:23am View
agreed brilliant - 5'ed
jaket-cp 5-Oct-17 6:51am View
I assume the customSelect is a jQuery plugin of some sort.
The code to use to setup the initial customSelect, do the same with the cloned one.
jaket-cp 31-Jul-17 11:49am View
why go half way with the cte example?
the select union could go into the cte right?
jaket-cp 31-Jul-17 11:42am View
BoySetsFire use the "Have a Question or Comment?" button instead of adding a solution.
jaket-cp 24-Feb-17 4:18am View
Yep a bit naughty that, but it was similar to solution 10 by ppolymorphe so I thought it would be okay :) - well I think it is/was similar in any case.
I should have mentioned it was ppolymorphe's solution which made me think of the Enum.
Just wanted to get it out there - to see if was a viable way of doing it :)
jaket-cp 23-Feb-17 5:40am View
This does not answer you question, but I wondered how a StringFormat functionality I created some time ago could be converted to remove the last calculation component.
Here is a fiddle I just created to test it out:
Hope it maybe of some help.
jaket-cp 23-Feb-17 4:13am View
glad to help
jaket-cp 22-Feb-17 5:22am View
I created a quick fiddle:
maybe it can help you
jaket-cp 20-Feb-17 12:27pm View
if copy and pasting does not work for you - you could try command line to merge the files using copy
copy /b *.css xyz.css
copy /b abc.css+efg.css+hij.css xyz.css
check out this link:

if that does not work for you - check out this link
jaket-cp 5-Dec-16 10:28am View
you may want to look at IDENTITY (Property) (Transact-SQL)
jaket-cp 5-Aug-16 10:04am View
thanks - i feel like a dunce :)
jaket-cp 20-Jun-16 11:30am View
genius +5
but not sure what SET DATEFIRST 1; is for :)
jaket-cp 28-Apr-16 4:14am View
Implementing a search type engine is no simple task - especially if you want it to be fast.
Have you considered looking at third party tools?

Here is a link to one:
Not sure if that will help, as do not know what type of information is to be searched.
jaket-cp 25-Apr-16 4:31am View
Query analyzer - that is old school :)
It is a bit more of a mouth full now - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (or SSMS for short)
jaket-cp 21-Apr-16 4:30am View
This is not a solution, you should remove it.
Use the reply link type button to reply to comments.
Or improve the question with this information.
jaket-cp 14-Apr-16 7:06am View
Glad to help.
Just remove your solution 1, as it not an answer.
Also have a read of Solution 2 - it explains what I also believe is happening nicely.
jaket-cp 14-Apr-16 4:46am View
jaket-cp 14-Apr-16 4:45am View
This is not a solution, you should remove it.
If you want to want a comment to a cp memeber, use the reply button and put the comment there.

Did you read the link I put in a comment above?
I do not believe tab indexing is your issue.
jaket-cp 14-Apr-16 4:18am View
have a read of this:
it should give you a few options to do what you want.
jaket-cp 13-Apr-16 9:58am View
Glad to help :)
jaket-cp 13-Apr-16 4:34am View
I found a link that may help you out some more:
jaket-cp 12-Apr-16 7:56am View
In visual studio 2013 you could try changing the properties of the web project.
Solution Explorer > right click web project > Properties
Web > Servers > Select Local IIS
In any case fiddle with the server settings
jaket-cp 7-Apr-16 6:27am View
Sinisa, by any chance to you have a reference link where it states the common use of lower case for css class names.
If you know of a pros-cons link that would be good.
As I on the whole use PascalCase for css class naming.
jaket-cp 7-Apr-16 6:25am View
glad to help
also have a look at
to see how the code can be mixed about.
Play around with them to made improvements for code re-use.
jaket-cp 7-Apr-16 5:20am View
Also populating backgrounds array - extra [comma] needs to be removed.
jaket-cp 4-Apr-16 4:27am View
Can you supply the javascript code and possibly the generated markup, so we can let you know where you are going wrong.
If you are using rowspan, you will need to remove the td/cells of the the ones added by the rowspan - hope that makes sense.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 7:40am View
have a read of:
ORDER BY Clause (Transact-SQL)
Specifying a conditional order

It should help you out, you should be able swap out the column with the variable @SortOrder.
You maybe required to have the case statement multiple times for each additional column sort.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 7:19am View
No problem glad to help.
Hope you have learnt some more today :)
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 7:18am View
Good to hear.
We got there eventually :)
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 7:12am View
not the


But the

IF @abc='insert' and ...

The @data table insert and select statement needs changing.
The where clause should be where UnderGroup='Sales A/C'
you have added an extra @, where it is checking if the variable
@UnderGroup is the sales value.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 7:05am View
Yeah you are probably right, but after reading it, I started putting them everywhere.
And also because I started using cte more.
For some reason don't like the look of
it just don't look right :)
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 6:55am View
As i mentioned there is a begin before the if - what is it doing there?

A way of finding out what the values of @abc and @Group_Name are is do a print of them just before the if statement and when you run it should show up in the messages tab (that is if you are using sql server management studio)
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 6:48am View
But what is the value of @abc and @Group_Name when it gets to the if statement?
For example: when @abc = 'UPDATE' then it will not meet the criteria of the if statement and the insert will not be performed.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 6:42am View
Here it is:

"Not ending Transact-SQL statements with a semicolon" has been put in the list of
Features Not Supported in a Future Version of SQL Server

I have been recommending to possibly get in the habit of using the semicolon statement terminator for all statements.

Maybe I shouldn't be doing that anymore?
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 6:39am View
Thanks for that :)
I try to put them in as good practice even though they are not required.
Maybe it is not good practice then :(

I read somewhere that the semicolon is required to terminate all statements in possible future releases of MSSQL server.

Let me see if I can find the link.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 6:33am View
okay - how do you know it is not working?

what are the values of @abc and @Group_Name
and the begin for the if is in the wrong place.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 6:17am View
Just wandering why you would say "the terminating semicolon is redundant"?
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 5:43am View
I do not believe the "or" in the if condition is that issue.
I have posted a solution which maybe the cause of the problem.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 5:35am View
are they the same value?
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 5:35am View
okay - that will not work
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 5:27am View
how many?
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 5:03am View
execute the following:
select Group_Name from tbl_AccountGroup where UnderGroup='Sales A/C'
what is being returned?
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 4:44am View
Depends on what you mean by last 10 records.
If you mean the last 10 records that have been inserted into the table, then you will probably have to look in the transaction logs.

But if you want to delete the last 10 records ordered by FirstName, MiddleName or LastName, then that is more straight forward.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 4:37am View
if that is what you are doing, then you could also do it like this:
@Group_Name IN ('Capital Account','Current Liabilities','Current Assets','Fixed Assets','Profit & Loss','Revenue Account','Suspense Account','Loan')
@Group_Name IN (
SELECT 'Capital Account'
SELECT 'Current Liabilities'
SELECT 'Current Assets'
SELECT 'Fixed Assets'
SELECT 'Profit & Loss'
SELECT 'Revenue Account'
SELECT 'Suspense Account'

But I suppose it can be maintained more easily when placed stored in the @data table.

Hope that helps you out.

But on second thought, it would be better if you create a permanent Group lookup type table. As suggested in solution 1 oops meant solution 2.

For example if a new Group_Name was required, then all you need to do is insert it into the Group lookup table rather than modifying the sql code to add the extra group into the list.
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 4:23am View
As in your sql code.
Remove delcare, insert and select from @data table.
Add in grp for the select statement, like below:

SELECT 'Capital Account' grp
SELECT 'Current Liabilities'
SELECT 'Current Assets'
SELECT 'Fixed Assets'
SELECT 'Profit & Loss'
SELECT 'Revenue Account'
SELECT 'Suspense Account'
SELECT 'Loan';
jaket-cp 31-Mar-16 4:12am View
If that is all you need to do, then you do not need to insert into a temp variable table. Unless you are using the @data TABLE in multiple places.

Just do the select with union all and give the first column an alias of grp.
SELECT 'Capital Account' grp
jaket-cp 30-Mar-16 4:44am View
Can you give an example on how you would like to use the list.
jaket-cp 11-Mar-16 7:17am View
On a side note: possibly get in the habit of using the semicolon statement terminator for all statements.

"Not ending Transact-SQL statements with a semicolon" has been put in the list of
Features Not Supported in a Future Version of SQL Server

Not saying it is going to happen any time soon though.
jaket-cp 11-Mar-16 4:59am View
Did you find the link from d@nish?
jaket-cp 11-Mar-16 4:43am View
i suggest you remove it unless any others mark you down - i will compensate it a little by giving it a few extra stars
jaket-cp 11-Mar-16 4:41am View
that is harsh you getting mark down for this solution
jaket-cp 10-Mar-16 5:03am View
Thanks for that, but I understand what is happening but the op does not.
I would also give links to DateDiff and GetDate.
And probably explain in pseudocode code what is happening, that would be a improved solution and I would give you a 5star for that :)
jaket-cp 10-Mar-16 4:25am View
It would be good if you could do an In Long version of your solution
jaket-cp 10-Mar-16 4:03am View
these are all 3rd party solution - the op asked for non 3rd party tools.....
jaket-cp 7-Mar-16 11:25am View
It sticks in my head as the first time I saw it, I was using 2008 to try it out, with no luck :)
jaket-cp 7-Mar-16 11:20am View
Just a small point, the CONCAT function becomes available in SQL Server 2012+
jaket-cp 25-Feb-16 10:18am View
Good that is good :)
jaket-cp 25-Feb-16 10:13am View
Looks correct to me.
It could be a browser cache issue.
You may have to perform a hard-refresh
ctrl+F5 or ctrl+R
jaket-cp 25-Feb-16 9:32am View
Did you change the function name to submitChangej?
jaket-cp 19-Feb-16 4:47am View
This is not a solution, you should remove it.
I have also put up another solution using PATINDEX, have a read.
jaket-cp 5-Feb-16 5:22am View
I was just wondering would there be a major benefit in having an index on Match_Flag if only two possible values of 'Y' and 'N' exist.
I would have suggested putting a clustered index on columns Store_Range_Grp_Id, Range_Event_Id.

As I said, just wondering that is all...
jaket-cp 5-Feb-16 4:17am View
How did you try to add the cascade?

You should be able to remove the Foreign Key constraint and then add it back with the on delete cascade or on update cascade

Have a read of

which in turn you should read
and then
jaket-cp 4-Feb-16 10:32am View
maybe try putting the column name in square brackets like so [E-Run Time], it may help.

Have a read of:
jaket-cp 4-Feb-16 8:05am View
have a read of these:
sp_rename (Transact-SQL) -
How to: Rename Tables (Visual Database Tools) -
they should help you out

Top two links:
jaket-cp 1-Feb-16 4:28am View
maybe have a read of
it may help you out.
jaket-cp 1-Feb-16 4:23am View
check out this fiddle:
it appears to work fine
add in the css styling and probably remove
<script src="//"></script>
jaket-cp 29-Jan-16 6:55am View
why do you consider this to be a proper question?
if you have to link off to another site to get the full details of the question
jaket-cp 21-Jan-16 5:35am View
You may be interested in or maybe not - but have a read of:
Restore a SQL Server Database to a Point in Time (Full Recovery Model)
jaket-cp 19-Jan-16 5:23am View
It should be possible to do it with an update on a recursive cte.
Or an update on lead/lag - not sure on this one.
But a simulated lead/lag on an join update should work.

In all the above possibilities the ordering of the records need to be defined.
Can you define the ordering of the records.

Also in your example, shouldn't
Investments 240 ahnc Investments
Investments 241 hnnc Investments
Investments 240 ahnc
Investments 241 hnnc Investments

As if comparing previous with current,
Investments (240) would be compared with Nokia (610) - no match so Parent would be empty.

Please clarify these points.
jaket-cp 19-Jan-16 5:02am View
thanks :)
jaket-cp 18-Jan-16 8:39am View
okay if that is the case.
Add an additional column, something like this:
year(dateadd(M,-6,ac1.RequestedOn)) FiscalYear
jaket-cp 18-Jan-16 8:34am View
What is the fiscal year?
Can it be derived from AdvancePayment.RequestedOn?
jaket-cp 18-Jan-16 8:25am View
you are welcome, glad to be of help.
jaket-cp 18-Jan-16 8:00am View
thanks, and also thanks for testing :)
jaket-cp 18-Jan-16 7:10am View
Thanks for the reasoning.
Similar to the having, adding additional conditions to the where clause can do the same.

My brain is just wired up a bit differently :)
jaket-cp 18-Jan-16 5:16am View
Using the "not in" may not be an optimal way of figuring it out.
Have you considered using a left outer join as in solution 1?
jaket-cp 18-Jan-16 5:14am View
Why do you use group by?
I would say the following would be easier to understand what is going on:
SELECT distinct WorkNum FROM @TBL where ratecodes = 'toys'
Just wondering that is all...

similar as in solution 2
jaket-cp 4-Dec-15 4:41am View
maybe try:
onclick="OpenPage();return false;"
see if that works
jaket-cp 3-Dec-15 7:23am View
I assume it has something to do with the css selector:
input:not(:checked) ~ textarea

Have a read of these, they may help you out:
jaket-cp 3-Dec-15 5:31am View
you can fiddle with the @Today.
SET @Today = DATEADD(month, -12, GETDATE())
jaket-cp 3-Dec-15 5:22am View
have a read of

for a possible list of events possible
jaket-cp 3-Dec-15 5:18am View
That jsfiddle was to show that label and checkbox can be hidden in the same way as your code does with the submit button.

What you need to do is add an event or something to the input test and trigger the submitChange function.

Here is an update jsfiddle:
It should get you the idea of how it can be done
An onblur has been added to the input textbox.
When a blur event occurs on the input textbox then the submitChange is called.
This in turn validates the input text box values and will show or hide the Container accordingly.

Hope that gets you on your way.

jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 7:48am View
I have created a simple jsfiddle so you can see that show and hide works for checkbox and label.
Hope that helps you out
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 6:45am View
you can use style.display on those elements you want to display, block and none - as has been implemented with inputSubmit
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 6:11am View
If I get what you are asking.
You could get submitChange to be called everytime one of the input textbox or checkbox gets changed/modified.
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 6:02am View
also mark it as solved to remove from pool of unanswered questions.
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 6:00am View
glad to help
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 6:00am View
okay that is good, you only require one or the other, not both.
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 5:50am View
okay on that fix.
Which one of the 3 did you try to get the submitChange() to get executed after page load?
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 5:46am View
Just had another look a your javascript
inputlastName is missing value
jaket-cp 2-Dec-15 5:40am View
which one did you try?
jaket-cp 27-Nov-15 5:52am View
agreed +5
jaket-cp 27-Nov-15 5:38am View
More info is require.
I am not sure how office 365 and javascript will be applied.

Also use the 'Improve question' link to update your question.
jaket-cp 27-Nov-15 4:37am View
Where is the inbox mail?
You need to supply more information, if you are going to get any help.
jaket-cp 24-Nov-15 4:05am View
Have a read of DELETE (Transact-SQL):
Using joins and subqueries to data in one table to delete rows in another table

Should help you out on how to use joins with delete
jaket-cp 24-Nov-15 4:00am View
As F-ES Sitecore has suggested, supply your stored proc so we may be able to help more.

But if you have not check it out already, maybe tsql aggregate functions with over may help.
Have a read of:
jaket-cp 19-Nov-15 4:27am View
If the min(dos) ordering is not correct with servicecode.
You need to figure out what ordering is required and put it in the row_number() over(...) somehow.
I will update the solution to give you an idea.

jaket-cp 19-Nov-15 4:23am View
How about situation when * does not exist for the name?
This is the one which I can see not easily definable.

Also the characters before and/or after name are not consistent (include . and " from your sample data).
jaket-cp 18-Nov-15 11:49am View
The solutions has been update with a couple of sql(s) which should work.
jaket-cp 18-Nov-15 6:03am View
It can be performed in TSQL (using loops and the like) but, I would not say it can be done in one sql statement.

From looking at the summary records, it will be not be straight forward.

Inspecting the first record, I assume they are split like so:
asdffgggggg Anand *
edkkofffmfmmfmfm Bala
sdkdodkekeke Chandra
dkkdkd "vinoth"*

As I can see, there are no easily definable rules to split the mini-records that do not have the * after the name.

If the real data is not like the sample data supplied and it has a split rule that can be used to get the summary separated data. Then it may be possible to get the result within one sql query.

Same question:
Can summary be split with defined rules?
jaket-cp 18-Nov-15 4:02am View
okay - sorry about that, thinking of
jaket-cp 17-Nov-15 11:24am View
You could try a client side way of doing it.
Check out this link
Have not used it myself, but seems like a viable solution.
jaket-cp 17-Nov-15 10:51am View
From what I can see from your sample data, your main issue is initially to separate the summary column into 4 bits of information.
If there is a consistent way to define how to separate the data, then it should be quite straight forward to proceed to the next step.
But it does not appear as though these bits of information can be separated with any definable rules. Unless you take into consideration of the name, but then that will get very messy.

So the question is:
Can summary be split with defined rules?
jaket-cp 16-Nov-15 4:57am View
I am not sure who gave a bad rating, the reason is, is you should not put comment as solution.
I advise you to remove this solution and put it in a comment to solution 1 using the "Have a Question or Comment?" button.

But to answer your comment, it will probably be best to use google.
I performed a search of "simple javascript quiz tutorial" and one of the top links is:
Hope that helps you out.
jaket-cp 13-Nov-15 10:41am View
Why do you what it to be done in javascript?

css should do the trick and would be the correct way of doing it.
Check out:
jaket-cp 13-Nov-15 5:59am View
You should reply to the comment so the comment originator (being myself this time) will get a notification.

As I mentioned please supply the generated markup for the img tag.
Use the "Improve question" link/button to update your question.
Also supply the javascript code, the c# code should not be required, if the images are being uploaded as you have stated.
jaket-cp 12-Nov-15 12:07pm View
Can you supply the generated markup for the img tag.
Also where are the images stored on the site?

I assume it has something to do with it img src not pointing to the correct path.

Have a read of this, it may help:
jaket-cp 10-Nov-15 4:38am View
The HTML and jQuery appear to be okay - have created a fiddle and it is checking and unchecking all as expected - let me know if I am missing something...

Just a small point on the jQuery, rather than looping through #dtsResult, loop #dtsResultBody instead. Reason being #CheckAllRes will not get checked or unchecked again.
jaket-cp 4-Nov-15 9:07am View
As I said I am not the OP.
Was just interested to know the solution to the question of the OP, that is all.
Thanks :)
jaket-cp 4-Nov-15 8:59am View
Thanks for the reply - this is not my question.
I was just interested in what the solution could be, but reading the document you pointed to did not answer it for me.
jaket-cp 4-Nov-15 8:54am View
From the sub-queries the script is checking for and UserId=7
Also deviceid in (25,30) and deviceid in (26,31) have been specified.
Do these relate to a "punch-in"/"punch-out"?
In the sample data, there is a DeviceId of 29, which is not in the query.
I assume in the output data, you would like to have the UserId.

Please update your question to make it more clear on your requirements, so we may be able to help.
jaket-cp 4-Nov-15 8:31am View
Can you specify where in the documentation you are referring, to answer this question.
jaket-cp 2-Nov-15 5:17am View
It may be a good idea to save the date of birth instead of a fixed age.
The age of the user can be derived from the dob to a given date.
jaket-cp 30-Oct-15 13:25pm View
have a read of this:
it may help
jaket-cp 30-Oct-15 5:08am View
A simple select search should suffice.

But it depends on the search criteria.
Can you specify how the 4 records are derived from the data in #tmpList.
jaket-cp 28-Oct-15 5:29am View
I am just interested to know, is this homework or the like?
As these are rudimentary mistakes.
In any case solutions 1 and 2 should answer your question.
jaket-cp 23-Oct-15 9:58am View
thanks :)
jaket-cp 23-Oct-15 4:04am View
If you are asking about getting the third highest...
Solution 1 has an example.
You could do something like this
select top 1 salary from (select top 3 salary from employee order by salary desc) order by salary.
Not tested, but you should get logic behind it.
have a look at

I am quite sure there are other ways of doing it too.
Do a google search of
"tsql select nth record"
should get you more examples.

Hope that helps out.
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 12:02pm View
not sure, never done that before :)
maybe hover over the solution and it may show up extra links/buttons etc
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 11:57am View
you have everything you need to figure it out.
okay - try this
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 11:55am View
this is a different question.
But what are you trying to alert?
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 11:36am View
please also mark as solved
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 11:34am View
okay that is good - learn to debug and happy coding :)
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 11:24am View
so alert(data) gets you that, it is probably a string

so try
dataToTable($('#routes'), jQuery.parseJSON(data), 'route');
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 11:02am View
As you can see from the fiddle the dataToTable is working as expected when the data is sent in correctly.
I assume the ajax call is returning something different from what is expected.
It may be getting it back as an xml object or even a string.
Or it could be sending back a json object wrapped in a d.
Hard to tell as I cannot debut the code.
You will need to debug and figure out what the you are getting in the response data.

But try saying that, try
dataToTable($('#routes'), data.d, 'route');
see if that works
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 10:53am View
oh well, it is time to debug.
Try a console.log(data) and see what you get.
jaket-cp 22-Oct-15 6:12am View
simulate keydown event javascript
google is your friend:
jaket-cp 20-Oct-15 7:04am View
yes - you may be right :)
but your
(year - row_number() over (partition by name order by year)) as grp
was the main part of the solution
just added some extra bits to it, that is all
happy coding
jaket-cp 20-Oct-15 7:02am View
jaket-cp 20-Oct-15 7:01am View
:) you are the best...
jaket-cp 20-Oct-15 4:12am View
nice - but does not cater for OP continuous 6 years scenario.
When (16, 'Arun', 2005), (17, 'Arun', 2006) is added to the test data, it only returns the first 3 years.
no disrespect :)
jaket-cp 20-Oct-15 3:47am View
This question is more than 2 years old, not a good idea to answer old questions.
Also this question has an accepted solution.
On top of that, it does not appear as though your solution will get what the op asked for.
jaket-cp 16-Oct-15 12:32pm View
cool, thanks
jaket-cp 16-Oct-15 12:24pm View
+5 for the c# and - neat :)
is that in-built in the wysiwyg editor?
jaket-cp 16-Oct-15 12:19pm View
Am I missing something, what is a tap in this context?
jaket-cp 16-Oct-15 12:15pm View
more than 2 years old :)
jaket-cp 16-Oct-15 5:36am View
this question is more than 2 years old
Also what is the solution you are giving, how does it relate to the question?
jaket-cp 16-Oct-15 4:11am View
Update you question with this bit of information - use the "Improve question" Link.
Can you also give more information on why the following should not be returned
aId Bid B.Name
101 201 A
And clarify what you mean by:
b'Coz it have 180 in another row

Include more sample data if this helps with the question
jaket-cp 15-Oct-15 8:09am View
have a read of following link
jaket-cp 7-Oct-15 5:14am View
You could try a dotnet decompiler of some sort.
With a little googling - check out this link it may help:
jaket-cp 7-Oct-15 4:17am View
Interesting - at first, I would have said it was not possible in css.
But with a bit of googling I found it can possibly done in css3.
Check out these links:
and another one
jaket-cp 6-Oct-15 6:49am View
Now this one is a 5 year old question and it has a marked solution as well.
jaket-cp 6-Oct-15 6:46am View
You are answering a 4 year old question.
That is nice and all, but you may get down voted, even though you have given a good solution.
It maybe a good idea to delete you answer.
jaket-cp 23-Sep-15 4:13am View
nice :)
jaket-cp 23-Sep-15 4:08am View
What have you tried so far?
If you have not tried anything yet, then please have a read of

Any issues with that implementation, then update your question and I am sure you will get help.
jaket-cp 23-Sep-15 4:05am View
Having a quick look, please fix your html first, it is not well formed.
For a start div tag is not allowed to be a direct child of tr tag.
The opening and closing of div tags are also misplaced.
In the table tag, when implementing css use the style attribute.
jaket-cp 21-Sep-15 4:08am View
Not sure, it is hard to say.
Here are a couple of suggestions you could try.
Firstly, figure out if the bind javascript is being executed at all, try debug or the alert/console.log method (put just before the binding).
If it is not being executed, then as you have know, there is an issue with the Master/Content page (probably some other javascript being used in the Master page, or possibly a lack of javascript library).
In any case you need to figure out what the issue is.
What you could do is create a content page with no code-behind and minimal textbox and search textbox to use the Master page (or a copy of the Master page).
If it works then, the problem exists in the original content page, but if it does not, then assume it is in the Master page.
In either case, the next step would be to add/remove components from the offending page (be it content or master) and test on each iteration change to see if it works in the web browser.
Ensure you do a hard-refresh in the web browser, so you hopefully know what is being tested is what you have changed.
I believe in most windows web browsers, Ctrl+R will work for a hard-refresh.
Hope that helps out :)
jaket-cp 17-Sep-15 3:54am View
That looks okay to me.
It may not be a javascript issue, it could be an issue with the aspx markup or something.
Try and debug as "F-ES Sitecore" has suggested - he knows what he is talking about.
Or you could try using alert or console.log for a quick test to check if the javascript code is doing what you expect.
Here is a quick knocked up fiddle for a simple test
jaket-cp 14-Sep-15 11:24am View
Okay if that is the case, I believe the input data may be incorrect.
I have written a CTE for the child-parent relationship but there are quite a few duplicates and the recursion does not stop, so I had to put a limit in.

You should use the 'Reply', so the user who wrote the comment will get a notification.
jaket-cp 14-Sep-15 11:08am View
Just to confirm is the parent, child relationship between DetailComponent and ParentId?
Also can you check you data - is the
union all SELECT 'R222-54','52342-00',6
jaket-cp 11-Sep-15 7:50am View
Just to clarify, are you using "SQL-server-2008R2" and not "SQL Server 2012".
The only reason I ask is that the identity re-seed (jump issue) is a built in feature to "SQL Server 2012".
If you are on "SQL Server 2012", then check out this link:
jaket-cp 11-Sep-15 4:14am View
jaket-cp 11-Sep-15 4:14am View
thanks :)
jaket-cp 11-Sep-15 4:10am View
:) thanks
jaket-cp 11-Sep-15 3:21am View
okay I will try :)
have another read, I have updated solution with comments.
hopefully it should be more clearer :)
jaket-cp 10-Sep-15 11:18am View
jaket-cp 10-Sep-15 11:06am View
does it matter what order the positive and negative are in?