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Comments by Liju Sankar (Top 21 by date)

Liju Sankar 28-Nov-15 19:37pm View    
Sergey - I can see that Array.ConvertAll is being used in the question itself.
Liju Sankar 23-Nov-15 0:09am View    
What is your database ? is it SQL Server or Ms-access or MySQL or ...
Liju Sankar 22-Nov-15 23:49pm View    
Happy to see that it helped :)
Liju Sankar 22-Nov-15 20:26pm View    
Maciej, by looking at the question, I think he want to perform a different validation. that means he wanted to check if ID 1 contains any TranstCode XY under bus code AB.

Your code helps him to validation each rows!
Liju Sankar 29-Jul-15 11:45am View    
What report you are planning to export to PDF ?