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Choroid 15-Feb-22 15:18pm View
Thanks I provided a link to the code as a Zip file and uninstallable exe here
Choroid 8-Feb-22 12:11pm View
Thanks Yes the DB will only store the links to the files on the C drive
Just using the DGV to view the Link Path
Choroid 11-Jan-22 21:05pm View
Richard This got way more complex than I could have ever believed possible
Here is the solution to the issue it was a Windows 7 and the Registry File
Here is a link to the solution
Choroid 11-Jan-22 18:24pm View
Richard I have tried it both ways Still Same ERROR
Here is what I did wrong I did not un check Configure for HTTPS
So NOW no Error but the only thing I see is

Read RSS Feeds

in default.aspx
It does not call the feed in default.aspx.vb
Create a new project

Open Visual Studio

Click Continue without code

Click File

Select New

Select Project

Select the following:

enter image description here

Then, select:

enter image description here

Click Next

Enter desired project name (ex: RSSFeedReader)

Click Create

Select the following:

enter image description here

Optional: On right-side, under Advanced, uncheck Configure for HTTPS

Click Create
Choroid 11-Jan-22 14:08pm View
Can you take a look at my Solution and the ERROR
Choroid 23-Aug-20 14:28pm View
I see some other third party apps Adobe v11.0.0.379 AOMEI backup sqlite3.dll DB Browser sqlite2.dll no version BIG concern is VS x64 and x86 SQLite.Interop.dll ver I see this as a BUG if the Interop is the offending dll
Choroid 23-Aug-20 13:57pm View
See My Next two comments
Choroid 23-Aug-20 13:45pm View
@SandeepMewara I tried that alternative using System.Data.SQLite NO CORE no results same ERROR See my comment above
Choroid 23-Aug-20 13:42pm View
@SandeepMewara so VS 2019 has SQLite.Interop.dll v under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Community\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\x86 and x64 What do I need to change ? And Where do I need to change OTHER Interop.dll have for System.Data.SQLite.Core have v1.0.113.0
Choroid 23-Aug-20 12:52pm View
@SandeepMewara Little confused assembly version on the system How to Find SQLite on system I have never used it except in VS 2019 I guess a global search of Drive C Holly Crap SQLite is every where I have perhaps a Kotlin project that uses it I also have DB Browser that uses it AND Adobe Reader ? Need better search term like SQLite dll ?
Choroid 15-Jul-20 13:31pm View
Thanks for the advice and links looks like I can use the Module not sure I will just got lazy writing the same code on different forms
Choroid 15-Jul-20 13:22pm View
By incorporating "Using" resources disposed YES better idea I knew that just had fit implementing
DGV fill I wanted to manually manage the Adding to the DGV I did write code that used a reader and datatable
ParentTable only has two values PID and Name
While this project only will only Insert and Create the two table I get what you are saying NOT a good idea "modularize"
I will post improved code the commented out code GUESS not a good idea to paste code ? I do not know how to get around Db hard coded name and table?
After thought by implementing "Using" do I still need to con.Close & reader.Close?
Thank You for the reply that supplied a lot of learning and valuable advice
Choroid 14-Jul-20 11:48am View
@Richard-MacCutchan Thanks I agree less commented out code would be ideal Guess I have become complaint shy from StackOverflow use where You did not show us enough of what you tried. I will post my completed code below for others that might want to see the finished product My frustration with this issue is I did this in JavaFX in about 10 min as a novas
Choroid 23-Jun-20 10:59am View
Luc Just tested and it works I can not edit my solution which I find frustrating
My solution while it worked was code I did not understand OH the joy of learning
VB.Net has its own very useful idea of PATHS coming from NetBeans it was easy as long
as the Object was in the Project you could find it Guess it is the same for
VB.Net just learning what "My" does has been an eye opener Thanks
Choroid 22-Jun-20 18:38pm View
For any one who sees Solution 3 I only works on a project with one form
If you have multiple forms the code prevents navigation to other forms
NOT A SOLUTION If someone would like to explain this failure please feel free
Choroid 22-Jun-20 17:14pm View
Luc so setting the icon in the properties box as long as the icon is in some folder in the project and I use the path to that folder to set the icon in the properties box?
Choroid 22-Jun-20 16:52pm View
Luc I did try embedded resource no luck it has always been set to content I have even tried a 16X16 with 8 bit depth no luck Is it possible to send me one of your icons I guess I need to post an e-mail address in the comments then delete once you have it
Choroid 22-Jun-20 16:30pm View
Luc Pattyn I also have the Maximize Box set to True as I was told this could not be false Why is it so Impossible to manage the titlebar? I have search for 2 days looking for the name of the items in the titlebar
Choroid 22-Jun-20 16:21pm View
Luc I did that Right Click Project > Properties > Application > Browse I now have the icon in the ill named folder Resources selected it and all I see is the default icon
Choroid 22-Jun-20 16:15pm View
Richard I might not have been clear the folder I am talking about is one I create named Resources This was a bad choice for the name As I am not talking about any folder under Resources.resx I should have named the folder Images
Choroid 5-Mar-15 16:49pm View
Thank you I have tested that code with no results
I will try a few more tweekes the printer does not respond the print service does find the printer and even tells me the job is DONE but no results on paper
Choroid 3-Mar-15 15:41pm View
Your links are to Graphic printing with the old java.awt API
I am looking for help with javax.print API
FYI you have to have the mouse over the page to see the Improve question which
in its self is a long way from the Words EDIT yes I know it has a tool tip
lesson learned Still looking for help with printing to a printer
Choroid 28-Feb-15 14:01pm View
Well I looked all over the page for a EDIT button Let me ASK you where it is at
I do not mean to be impolite but the answer I am looking for is why the code
does not work TRUST me I do not post here till I have tried every document know
to man I stated I looked at every site in my POST