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Comments by orélle (Top 18 by date)

orélle 16-Sep-14 10:01am View    
In my case i have Visio installed on App-v and running on my local machine.
Any idea on how to get the running instance of Visio in my c# code running on my local machine.
On my local machine i see in the list of process visio.exe.
orélle 11-Sep-14 18:01pm View    
Nobody has any suggestion about this please!! :(
orélle 10-Sep-14 9:29am View    
I have tried your solution, i got a bug telling that parenthesis are absents. Thanks
orélle 9-Sep-14 9:33am View    
It's Access
orélle 9-Sep-14 8:39am View    
Thanks for your suggestion but the problem is that i'm not admin on my computer then i can not install whatever i want!! :(