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J. Calhoun 28-Jul-18 16:44pm View    
Are you just looking for someone to code it for you or is there a point in which you need help? What have you tried?

For example if you wanted to create a button which selects a color, override mouse move with left mouse down, then constantly create a shape with the desired shape/size with a stroke/fill of that color would be one way to do it.
J. Calhoun 10-Feb-18 8:14am View    
Are you saying it is stopping at the statement If so I believe it would be an issue with your connection string. First I would wrap your OleDBConnection logic in a Try/Catch, then when you debug if something was to break the catch would make it easier to debug, not to mention gracefully handle the error if there was to be one. Also judging by the + in your string, you don't have a space between the ; and Persist, which might be your issue.
J. Calhoun 10-Feb-18 8:04am View    
No worries! Glad I could help!
J. Calhoun 9-Feb-18 19:49pm View

I posted a public repository here where you can download the example. If you have trouble getting it I can email you the project.

Basically I show the same structure you have, there are a couple of minor differences, but I also included an Execute Path project that you can copy and past that will help you with Commands when it comes to buttons. If you want to know more about how that works, Google ICommand it is a powerful interface that you can use in MVVM. I use it ALOT. Also, I am happy to answer any questions you have about that project.
J. Calhoun 9-Feb-18 14:14pm View    
In updating my solution, I noticed you don't need to extend ObservableObject from your model. And I put the loading of the list in the constructor, but you can use your CreateCheckboxList() instead. Either way shouldn't matter. With the datacontext set, then all of this should work. I threw together a test project real quick, and this all works fine.