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cocis48 8-Mar-16 13:09pm View    
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Nachiappan,
you did very simple and stupid as you commented, why don't you add to your tree design the grid before the stack panel, at least it will be more clear, even that there are 100's of elements inside the tree.
cocis48 25-Oct-12 17:29pm View    
I am agreed with you.
cocis48 22-Oct-12 23:51pm View    
You are welcome!
cocis48 21-Oct-12 16:13pm View    
You must install at least SqlExpress on the local machine in order to find others SQL server instances, click on the word and the little red underscore will let you know what import you are missing. These are references that you need, and they are in this folder for SQL 2008, C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\SDK\Assemblies.
try on at a time, for what you want you may no need all of them, but you must install Sql express first and the SDK that is where these dll's are.
cocis48 20-Oct-12 2:11am View    
Create a new Form with a Combo Box in it and the code here is in VB .NET, to read the servers names that allowed/exposed its name to be published, the SQLBrowser must be running on your pc in order to read the names exposed, assuming that your Combo box name is cmbServers, you need to import this:
Imports Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common and maybe other reference, it will tell you when you copy the code. Keep in mind that if you don't see all, means that the ones you don't see are not exposing their names, you call the method below: