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Comments by Anthony Fernando (Top 5 by date)

Anthony Fernando 31-Aug-16 16:42pm View    
Anthony Fernando 31-Aug-16 16:42pm View    
thanks Ryan
Anthony Fernando 31-Aug-16 16:41pm View    
I guess this forum to validate everyones opinion over the subject. anyways thanks i will research more on it.
but can you tell me between NLog and Log4Net which one is the best as both meets up my requirement.
Anthony Fernando 31-Aug-16 15:11pm View    
I have updated my requirements
Anthony Fernando 30-Nov-15 4:50am View    
i found the Ans myself, i was holding the semaphore while catching an exception .. now i am releasing the semaphore in finally block so that i can execute all the threads even if the first thread throws an exception.