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Member 11489314 7-Nov-15 5:52am View    
@Mehdi Gholam, It's not homework.
Member 11489314 6-Apr-15 13:01pm View    
I need coordinates. For example 2 triangles:
First trangle:Point1(x1,y1),Point2(x2,y2),Point3(x3,y3)
Second trangle:Point1(x1,y1),Point2(x2,y2),Point3(x3,y3)
Member 11489314 14-Mar-15 11:35am View    
Do you know what is wrong with the current code?
Member 11489314 2-Mar-15 3:05am View    
I had exam assignment, and this type of problem showed up. The code is given and you have to analyze it line by line. If anyone has time to explain this code in shorts I would be very thankful.