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hm9 25-Dec-19 11:39am View    
The issue is the files could be different format. I am trying to find a way to append the results of both datasources together into one and then bind the repeater to it something like below but need something to work:

datasource3 = datasource1 + datasource2
rpMyRepeater.Datasource = datasource3
hm9 24-Dec-19 15:48pm View    
The issue I have isnt with getting the data. The data can be viewed but it cant be bound to the repeater properly, It always binds the last one so it overwrites the first one. So in the code below, both datasources 1 and 2 show data but not simultaneously. if I swap the order, it always shows the second one, so it is the binding that is the issue. Need to find a way to add both datasources 1 and 2 to another item and then bind that item ?

Dim dataSource1 As IEnumerable
Dim dataSource2 As IEnumerable

rpMyRepeater.Datasource = datasource1
rpMyRepeater.Datasource = datasource2
hm9 6-Dec-19 17:19pm View    
Ok I tried this method by loading 3 APIs in this way:

Dim doc As New XmlDocument()
dim doc1 = ("AP1")
dim doc2 = ("AP2")
dim doc3 = ("AP3")


But this always load the last one API3 and ignores the first 2. Is there a way to get to load all three instead of only the third one?
hm9 4-Dec-19 10:49am View    
Yes the results should be the same. So I just want to know if another API like this one below can be added so I can query both instead of just one;q=paris?token=SAD345A8718524374ZXZXCVMSHWEU8"
hm9 3-Dec-19 15:04pm View    
The above example is how I m interacting with one API. Is there a way to add another API to the above code?