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Comments by coolestCoder (Top 10 by date)

coolestCoder 1-Mar-11 1:10am View    
Not able to access it from office. Will only be able to assist further when I see it. That is maybe tomorrow.
coolestCoder 1-Mar-11 0:59am View    
do you mean to have leaves for single user displayed in columns instead of rows ? Can you elaborate using sample data and output you need ?
coolestCoder 1-Mar-11 0:15am View    
Does it has something to do with UpdatePanel ? I am not sure since you have not shared enough details.
coolestCoder 28-Feb-11 21:56pm View    
Oh ! sorry to mention version of IIS. The procedure above works on IIS 6. Which one you are using ?
coolestCoder 28-Feb-11 6:58am View    
Have you checked any warning messages displayed in the browser when trying to access the link ? Maybe the browser is blocking the activeX ?