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Comments by Frank Kerrigan (Top 5 by date)

Frank Kerrigan 4-Mar-16 15:18pm View    
Are these servers on the same domain / network or are on different parts of the internet behind firewalls etc...
Frank Kerrigan 4-Mar-16 15:02pm View    
Call the activeX from the server and load one for each client, then use signalr as bridge between javascript and the server.

JavaScript <--> SignalR <--> WebService <--> ActiveX <--> WinAppService_1
Frank Kerrigan 29-Jul-11 11:13am View    
Reason for my vote of 1
wrong wrong wrong
Frank Kerrigan 27-Jun-11 9:38am View    
Cheers for the feedback, I'll leave my tip as or it or it will spawn into an article and I'm showing the bare bones just to get it working. Additional resources such as your article are there for more functionality.
Frank Kerrigan 15-Sep-10 6:18am View    
Reason for my vote of 1
WinKey-L is better