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Comments by Arthur V. Ratz (Top 200 by date)

Arthur V. Ratz 10-Mar-22 4:17am View    
Yes. Thanks. I've corrected this.
Arthur V. Ratz 9-Mar-22 12:34pm View    
... When the condition for handling empty strings is not known. Please make sure how the empty strings must be treated and then get back with your questions or comments if any.
Arthur V. Ratz 9-Mar-22 12:33pm View    
Please, just let me guess what we must have achieved. :((
Arthur V. Ratz 9-Mar-22 12:31pm View    
If you want, here's another version of my code, which does it the way you've elaborated in your post:
Arthur V. Ratz 9-Mar-22 12:28pm View    
I've just checked these sets with my running code.