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Comments by Veeshal Mali (Top 36 by date)

Veeshal Mali 27-Aug-17 3:08am View    
eeeuuuuu..... it's working.....
Thanks a lot sir... its working... when I put "IMEX=1" in my connection string rather than "IMEX=2"...
Veeshal Mali 27-Aug-17 3:02am View    
han yes sir, when date like 7/7/2017 or 11/8/2017 or 12/8/2017 in excel it will pickup and show in grid view but when when date exceed the date more than 12 like 13/08/2017 or 18/08/2017 it will not pick up and show in gridview
Veeshal Mali 26-Aug-17 9:22am View    
PODate and DeliverySchedule these fields are not showing and the values are like this "18/08/2016" in which the date has more than 12.
Veeshal Mali 1-Dec-16 1:08am View    
Following is the table structure Image sir...
click For image
Veeshal Mali 30-Nov-16 2:38am View    
I analyze and replace this join with other joins. But the output is same sir...