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Comments by akash_pjr (Top 5 by date)

akash_pjr 14-Jan-16 22:22pm View    
@Ryan, thanks for reply.
akash_pjr 13-Jan-16 22:08pm View    
@Ryan, Thanks for the suggestion. Past experiences would help, if they have worked on LinkedIn in the last 6-7 months.
akash_pjr 13-Jan-16 3:54am View    
@Sergey, I Asked them. but i want to have a word with developer who already worked on it.
akash_pjr 13-Jan-16 3:21am View    
@Sergey, Sorry for that. Can you let me know the process, on how to get access to the "connections" API from the LinkedIn?
akash_pjr 12-Jan-16 23:31pm View    
@Garth , i meant the "Position" in a company. By the way, have you worked with LinkedIn API recently?