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Maniraj.M 4-Dec-17 4:17am View    
So finally i chose Task Scheduler. Thank you!
Maniraj.M 3-Dec-17 23:41pm View    
Onstart event i wrote one function that will be called per hour from Onstart event. That function will check the time and if meets the required time it will navigate to the main function or else it will navigate to Onpause event. Once the end time comes the function will navigate to Onpause event and the next day it will navigate to Oncontinue event.. Will this work?
Maniraj.M 14-Aug-17 6:04am View    
i modified code to ,
@Html.ActionLink(, "Details", "Home", new { id =}, null)

its working fine now. Thanks a lot!
Maniraj.M 14-Aug-17 5:54am View    
I modified the code like this but still i am geting same error! ;(
Html.ActionLink(, "Details", "Home", new { id =}, null);
Maniraj.M 11-Apr-17 6:33am View    
When viewing crystal report using CrystalReportViewer its working fine but from background a third party tool called APPD capturing exception when previewing.Why this exception is not capturing in .net try catch?the exception is,
Name: ArgumentOutofRangeException
Summary: CrystalDecisions.Shared.Json.JsonObject::unable to get optional boolean value associated with key, at CrystalDecisions.Shared.Json.JsonObject.get_Item(String key)
is this explanation fine?