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Erebus_22 10-Apr-17 1:46am View    
        int n;
	printf("Enter the no of digits");

This code wont give the required result of 00005.
The solution must vary with value of n eg n=6----->000006, n=4---->0004
Erebus_22 7-Oct-16 12:35pm View    
thanks I get it
Erebus_22 7-Oct-16 12:32pm View    
So what about 0111 which gives output as 49
Erebus_22 9-Sep-16 12:23pm View    
The debugger shows the correct value but the print function isn't printing the correct value, Why is that
Erebus_22 9-Sep-16 12:09pm View    
The debugger shows the correct value of the data variables but its the print function which doesn't print the correct value