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Carle_Lai 5-Dec-15 4:49am View    
I've recreated another project, and copied all the things one by one from the previous one, and guess what... It works... QwQ I don't know what's the real reason. I'am not sure it is the disk problem, cuz everything, except for this one, can run successfully.
Carle_Lai 17-Nov-15 8:04am View    
Thank you, the resources are very helpful, it is very nice of you! And you're right, I was a little bit lazy, your words made me reflect and think, thanks.
Carle_Lai 5-Nov-15 21:38pm View    
So sad(;-;), but anyway, thanks for your advice. :)
Carle_Lai 5-Nov-15 9:42am View    
Sorry, because I wrote the question in hurry, I did notice that.
Those applications are for people who play piano. The music sheet can automatically flip while the program recognize the page has been finished playing by the player according to the real-time voice. But I have no clue what I should do now. I've known some ways to approach it, like FFT and Pattern Recognition, but I am not sure they will work together. Thanks for answering~