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Member 12312733 28-Feb-16 14:02pm View    
I want to fetch records in javascript variables.
Member 12312733 23-Feb-16 8:13am View    
Alright, Thank you
Member 12312733 23-Feb-16 8:08am View    
I want user to input lets suppose his name, that name will be matched from the database, and then "distance" will be used as width of line.

(my database has 2 columns. Lets say name, distance)
Member 12312733 23-Feb-16 5:32am View    
I have already fetched data from database using ajax. But i am not sure, how can i use that fetched data to draw line. As in below, i want to use database data to make lines accordingly.

e.strokeStyle = "Black";
e.lineWidth = width;
e.moveTo(125, 125);
e.lineTo(X[i], Y[i]);

Member 12312733 16-Feb-16 14:20pm View    
alright, Thanks