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stackprogramer 23-May-22 1:44am View    
Thanks very much, Surely we should pay for license softwares.
stackprogramer 2-May-22 6:18am View    
Anyone has not any offer?
stackprogramer 5-Apr-16 0:51am View    
Yes , i think sqrt(float) function is depreciated. replace it with sqrt(int) may it works .so for solve i change api 23 to api 19 thanks Richard MacCutchan
stackprogramer 3-Apr-16 14:10pm View    
thanks for reply Richard MacCutchan,
i did know where for asking.where is best place for this question?
in github wiki and issue is closed for telegram.programmer of it has not any email.
we have not any guide for it.
stackprogramer 3-Apr-16 12:11pm View    
thanks for reply but this source is on github .
i think telegram should not have these Goofs!
telegram talked it is compiled successfully in android studio without change!