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Gonzoox 18-Sep-15 15:13pm View    
Google not working???
Gonzoox 20-Apr-15 16:38pm View    
Your problem lies on the type of hosting you have, shared hosting will not allow you to do this, as the resources of the server are shared (that's why the name) and if you do that kind of functions it will reduce the resources for the other sites hosted in that server.

You can change the type of hosting to a VPS, a dedicated server or try to get your VM's (Cloud Hosting) with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Digital Ocean, yes, it will be more expensive, they either charge you for the Windows license or you have to bring your own, this is extra to the hosting prices, that you pay by the hour and by the GB you transfer in and out , but because you have full control of the OS and dedicated resources you will be able to accomplish what you're looking for
Gonzoox 12-Mar-15 10:56am View    
Yes it is possible...
Gonzoox 9-Mar-15 13:50pm View    
hey hey, you forgot

6. Da Terminator!!!
7. Profit...
Gonzoox 5-Mar-15 16:48pm View    
you're changing the "nodename" part to what you actually have right??