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Comments by Bhuvanesh Mohankumar (Top 3 by date)

Bhuvanesh Mohankumar 22-Aug-16 13:20pm View    
@David Thanks for your Comments, the selenium Automation application is similar to Console Application, say for example a simple console application used to open a browser and open a website, where now I face issue with opening browser in Azure environment, since the individual server where we will have schedule jobs will execute the browser installed in server and start that process. In Azure this is not possible, so need suggestions from Azure experts.
Bhuvanesh Mohankumar 11-Aug-16 7:14am View    
Thanks Afzal, yes D is a drive, where I am not able to create any folder of my own using C# code deployed in Azure Web Jobs.
Bhuvanesh Mohankumar 10-Aug-16 8:54am View    
I am able to download file from SFTP to my local desktop folder, when I deploy the code to Azure, where can I download file and again read from that folder to the application.
In local say "D:\data" is available, where this folder is not available in azure, I need to know the location to store.