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FriendOfAsherah 19-Oct-16 8:21am View    
sorry should be 5**** cannot change
FriendOfAsherah 19-Oct-16 3:36am View    
this answers A) - B) stil open
FriendOfAsherah 19-Oct-16 3:36am View    
this answers A)
will try with the Switches
B) stil open
FriendOfAsherah 19-May-16 7:00am View    
Im sorry that I could only give you an example and an idea how this was done in my microcontroller-project
I don´t know your device called pidion? never heard about.

imho you should get an HW description for the attached IR.
Maybe its driven by an RS232 Port and has a built in frequency.
Don´t know - without any description of your special HW you cannot solve this. (there could be a controlelr byte that changes the frequ etc...)

FriendOfAsherah 10-May-16 5:22am View    
A simple solution would be to run a timer which calls an interrupt, that turns on and off the IR with that frequency. I did similar for a uC 8051 Board.
(In many cases only the IR-receiver has buiilt in frequency in the IR-Diode chip)
Another way would be to look for the HW-description /IO interface of your mobile device (built in interrupts etc ... control bits ..)
First have a look at your IR signal, - use a receiver diode and an Oscilloscope - is there a modulation?
If - you have to find out how its controlled on your special mobile device, maybe you cannot change it an have to get the receiver card with the right frequency (or change the receiver chip)