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Jon McKee 7-Aug-23 19:36pm View    
The solutions in that thread seem to work just fine:
Jon McKee 24-May-22 20:09pm View    
You'll probably have to check these properties (or whatever ones you're interested in) manually:

There's no easy property I'm aware of via the Type or TypeInfo classes like an isUnmanaged property, but those classes do have all the information listed in the link above, so you could make your own.
Jon McKee 20-Mar-22 13:09pm View    
Jon McKee 1-Dec-21 4:32am View    
If you're talking about the linked docs, that first line "int i;" under "Expression Statements" is the only one without an "expression statement" comment ;)
Jon McKee 14-Oct-21 21:22pm View    
To add onto this, check out the A* search algorithm. It operates much the same but a bit smarter so it can handle larger m x n matrices.