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Member 12824529 25-Jul-20 1:37am View    
Thank you Sandeep. I tried your method, but unfortunately it didn't populate the textboxes. I also tried changing innerText to value, and it still did not work. I appreciate your help though. Thanks.
Member 12824529 25-Jul-20 1:33am View    
Thank you Richard. I copied and pasted your Javascript code and it worked perfectly. It not only populated the textboxes in page load, but the values were available in the code behind. I've tried so many configurations, and in some cases was able to populate the textboxes, but could never access the values in the code behind. Thank you.
Member 12824529 18-Jul-20 19:38pm View    
I updated my question. I had already moved away from using p tags, but they were still mentioned in the head question; but now, I copied ASP.NET form code for a login form and, not evendoing anything with code behind, I can't even assign text string values in a jQuery Ready function that will display in the textboxes on the form.
The new question is at (
Member 12824529 12-Jul-20 2:51am View    
Thank you for your answer. Actually I do have form tags with runat="server" specified. I've tried so many things. I tried text boxes (which don't display the data), p-tags and label tags (that each do display the data), and hidden field tags added. All of them return empty strings in the Code Behind in spite of specifying runat="server". It's extremely frustrating. Any other ideas on what condition might not be right that could cause this kind of issue? Thanks.
Member 12824529 18-Apr-18 23:17pm View    
Thanks. Actually, id and objType are the two parameters. ObjType is probably not a good choice on my part, as it looks like I'm referring to an object type, but it's just a normal parameter. The issue I'm running into is the Ajax.ActionLink handles the first parameter differently than the rest. So instead of it appending after the action with ?id=1&objType=Gizmo, it appends with instead with /1?objType-Gizmo. It treats the first parameter like it's the action name.