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Member 13009053 18-Jun-17 9:33am View    
OriginalGriff…. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your EXPERT help. You have gone “above and beyond” helping me with my issue. First you were an instructor trying to point me in the right direction and then you gave me the “golden ticket” when It was clear I could not “get it”. This was my first time posting on this site and you made it pleasurable. Below is the code you gave me slightly modified to fit my needs. Thank you again!

Private Sub loadlistTTFfonts()
Dim files As String() = Directory.GetFiles("c:\Odds & Ends\FontSync\MasterFontList", "*.ttf")
For Each file As String In files
Dim fontCol As New PrivateFontCollection()
Dim ff As FontFamily = fontCol.Families(0)

End Sub
Member 13009053 17-Jun-17 16:42pm View    
I can get the list of font files from the directory\folder.............. Why can I not get the font names!!!!! This is very frustrating!
Member 13009053 17-Jun-17 14:23pm View    
Cant figure this out...... I don't know why I can not figure out something that is so simple! I guess the best thing is for me to revisit this another time, maybe it will pop out at me. THANK YOU so much for your assistance, I will post when I have resolved. If you are a dad, have a great fathers day.
Member 13009053 17-Jun-17 10:01am View    
I appreciate you not giving me the answer. I will learn more by figuring it out.
Member 13009053 17-Jun-17 8:39am View    
Am I missing something that is right in front of my face?