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Member 13036251 5-Apr-17 14:43pm View    
Its someone elses data..I just have a snapshot of the data..I dont have access to the dataset. I wouldnt be posting a trivial question. I dont think something like this exists. Just wonder, if there was a way to tackle this..
Member 13036251 5-Apr-17 14:39pm View    
The reason I do that is because I can then analyze the data..I'm most interested in sorting and median values of a sample set. Plus, its a jpeg. The data was stored in an image and I want to extract it then look at the data closer.
Member 13036251 3-Apr-17 19:04pm View    
Active X not working. What do you mean?
Member 13036251 3-Apr-17 17:07pm View    
Just tried downloads it but it doesnt open it..I read alittle on the web but it seems you dont want ActiveX to come up..
Member 13036251 3-Apr-17 16:04pm View    
A third party tool or utility works too..just wasnt sure if anyone has solved this.